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Great success of London ESF

20-10-2004 15:53

SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY happened during the long weekend of 15-17 October. The beautiful, crazy, creative chaos of a great social forum—which I have witnessed in Porto Alegre, Florence, Paris and Mumbai—came to rainy, grey north London.

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report from North 'training skills for activists' day

20-10-2004 15:49

in the run up to the G8, we're training people up to train others, in all sorts of skills. The first two have just happened - next one 8th November, see website for info

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Res fm/Indy-london show streaming links here 20/10/04

20-10-2004 15:11

wedensday show on 20/10/04
lots about the ESF and EFCR and the bigest media center that uk collectives have put on :)
the show is 58 mins long

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Open Letter to the European Anti-Social Forum

20-10-2004 15:00

Open Letter to the European Anti-Social Forum and in particular in response to the apparently severely misguided statements made in a letter by Lee Jasper, Secretary, National Assembly Against Racism; Ashok Viswanatha, Deputy coordinator, Operation Black Vote; Pav Akhtar, NUS black students officer in The Guardian Tuesday October 19 (Footnote: 1)

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20-10-2004 14:41

Dave was a contributor to Openly Classist, writing about his experiences with soul musicians and performers from the 1960s onwards. When we set this site up we asked Dave for a quote. This is what he gave us:

"Class is such a pernicious, undermining factor in British culture because we are constantly being told, (by Prince Edward no less, as well as countless other middle-class people of moderate intelligence!), that it no longer exists. Well, it is still thriving just as virulently as any other form of discrimination, despite the token “working-class celebrity”, like the token black, or whatever, so let’s hear it for the lowest of the low, and the poorest of the poor for a change; the used, the abused and the cheated. There are millions of us. We are all different and unique, and we are somebody! And the working class everywhere has always lived under an Occupation. Welcome to the world of Openly Classist!"

Dave Godin

Dave was a really charming bloke, loved life and living it. In return he was well loved back.

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Dissent Newsletter now on line

20-10-2004 13:41

Dissent, a network of resistance to the G8 @ Gleneagles, Perthshire 2005, summer newsletter is now available. Please download and distribute.

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INJUSTICE: free film, 6.45pm,Wed 20th@EOCC

20-10-2004 12:06

INJUSTICE - a film about the struggles for justice by families of people who have died in Police custody in Britain.

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Sheffield Indymedia Press Release

20-10-2004 10:35

Press release from Sheffield Indymedia regarding the stolen servers on October 14th 2004.

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Maelstrom - Location and Events

20-10-2004 08:20

Leeds Infosquat, will open Thursday 21st October at 6pm.
The location is:
The Old Post Office, Hyde Park Corner, Woodhouse Street. LS6. (Next to piana pizza's)

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ESF Outcomes: We should go deeper, to find more links between movements

20-10-2004 07:47

Four years after the initial World Social Forum (WSF) in Porto Alegre, a frame has been built to facilitate discussion, debate and exchanges, on how to build a better world. A series of meetings were held in order to explore what we can expect from this experience. The first event, titled “Future and perspectives for the ESF - WSF”, was held on Friday 14th of October 2004 in the Alexandra Palace of the English capital.

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Building Bridges Radio: The Jobless "Recovery"

20-10-2004 01:42

Building Bridges: Your community and Labor Report presents this 28 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

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Thursday 21st October: Day of Action in Solidarity with the O12 prisoners

19-10-2004 23:46

Thursday 21st October: International Day of Action in Solidarity with the O12 prisoners in Venezuela

London: Picket Venezuelan Consulate, 56 Grafton Way W1 (off Tottenham Court Rd, nearest tube Warren St) from 3pm-5pm

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Venezuela O12: Next Statues To Topple...

19-10-2004 23:26

Next Statues To Topple...
por A So-Called Front of Pachamerikan Liberation Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2004 at 6:16 PM

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Letters Unwelcome anarchy at the European Social Forum

19-10-2004 23:11

We agree with your appreciation of the success of the European Social Forum (Leaders, October 18). However, the storming of the stage of the anti-racist and anti- fascist session on Saturday had nothing to do with how the event was organised. It was the attempt of a tiny minority who oppose the ESF and have had no involvement in it to undemocratically impose their views on the majority and suppress other views by using physical violence.

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This is all desparately sad. We can not let it end like this.

19-10-2004 23:09

We are finally building a genuinely new, creative, non-hierarchical social movement, so-far largely without the same sectarian rubbish of previous failed attempts of change. The post- discussion and the hideous way out-dated parties with no relevance to real change have tried to hijak this movement undermining what ESF was supposed to be about is desparately sad.

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Kings Cross Detention of anti-capitalist block

19-10-2004 22:52

Pictures from the detention of the radical anti-capitalist block on Sunday, 17th of October, Kings Cross St.Pancras station.

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Why Bush Might Win - Americans Secretly Love Facism

19-10-2004 22:44

The most important election of our lifetime is coming down to who can best pacify the electorate's inner baby.

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Photos of Indymedia "block" and ESF demo - London 17 Oct

19-10-2004 22:33

FBI wanted for data theft - Server seizure sucks!
Indymedia had a strong presence at the ESF demonstration to denounce the seizure in London of its servers by the FBI just over a week ago. IMC activists and supporters marched between the samba band and the anticapitalist block, and eventually were joined by a no-border crew carrying their "freedom of movement" banner. Pitty that the day ended with the forces of darkness imposing their usual intolerance once more.

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ESF picture reports

19-10-2004 22:25

Due to the recent seizure of our servers by the FBI it is not possible at present to publish pictures on IMC UK. However a mere 2,000 miles away in Melbourne Australia we are pleased to report that our stuff is publishing so you can look at some of the reports by following the links below: