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Vote Minge!

13-01-2002 03:32

Vote Minge!
Welcome to the Campaign to Re-elect

Congressman David Minge! Experience - Leadership - Independence Honesty - Responsibility

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Palestine : worrying trends in mainstream media coverage

13-01-2002 03:01

A non-existent "lull", "quiet", or "calm" -- the blatant semantic clues of journalists admitting they fail to consider Israeli violence against Palestinians noteworthy

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13-01-2002 01:50


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LA Brain Scramble

13-01-2002 00:12

Weird radar flashes, then in Florida, now in LA. Strange goings on in Florida (suicide stuff) and in LA - read the reports.

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"Prince Harry in rehab" claims News of the World!

12-01-2002 22:24

Harry takes a turn for the better!

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Moment of Sanity on Market St, Manchester

12-01-2002 21:44

A spokesperson from Greater Manchester Police said "Some difficult moments but we all pulled together. We are all delighted with the outcome.

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Mental Health: Help Requested

12-01-2002 21:16

Manchester City Council are harrassing the mentally ill. A campaign, Justice for the Mentally Ill, has been formed to stop the council's immoral practices. The campaign has its own website and cyber petition. The Petition is at and more background even can be acquired at the campaign website

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Afghanistan/USA: Prisoners must be treated humanely

12-01-2002 19:50

"Reports that al-Qaeda and Taleban prisoners due to be transferred to a US base in Guantánamo, Cuba, may be drugged, hooded and shackled during the 20 hour transportation flight are worrying".

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What Blair's calming influence really means!

12-01-2002 19:00

The government is mounting an intensive campaign to boost arms sales to India, including 60 Hawk jets worth £1bn, in spite of the danger of the India-Pakistan dispute over Kashmir spilling into war and destabilising the entire region.

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...and the march goes on, in Eugene

12-01-2002 18:57

peace march in eugene, oregon, usa, 11 jan 2002

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WSA at the crossroads

12-01-2002 17:43

A make or break conference for the Welsh Socialist Alliance in Wales...

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AMERICA GO HOME! (and take your puppets with you)

12-01-2002 16:59


You heard this during your war in Vietnam!
You heard this before you have been removed from the Philippines!
You heard this in Japan, when your Military rapes innocent young girls!
You heard this in France before you moved all your arms to Germany!
You heard this in Germany since the Cuba crisis!

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A New Anti-Nuclear Movement?

12-01-2002 16:08

An analysis of some of the background to the 31st January/1st February conference of the European Network for Peace and Human Rights, to be held at the European Parliament in Brussels.

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Japanese and Korean Prime ministers boycotting World Economic Forum

12-01-2002 15:56

Quite unbelievable that these two PM's will not goto the World Economic Forum. A major disaster for the organisers, already kicked out of Swizerland the WEF is losing credibility due to the brilliant non-violent protests of recent years.

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Neo-Nazi rally flops

12-01-2002 15:41

Today's rally organised by the neo-Nazi National Front in Bromley has badly flopped - only about twenty boneheads turned up and there was zero local support. However, there was a strong turnout from both the Anti-Nazi League and some autonomists too!

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Pictures by and of Iraqi children

12-01-2002 15:12

Most of us here will have alredy seen the pictures of babies born deformed due to depleted uranium (also included).Here's some other stuff

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Social Services and Abuse

12-01-2002 14:40

Social workers will join doctors and lawyers in being struck off for bad conduct under long-awaited reforms unveiled yesterday.

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Internet Watch Foundation job going

12-01-2002 14:08

This crucial job is up for grabs at the moment - if you are a public spirited person with drive and experience for it why not apply?!

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City Girds for Protests at Economic Summit Meeting

12-01-2002 13:48

Demonstrations expected during the World Economic Forum, to be held at the Waldorf- Astoria from Jan. 31 to Feb. 4, could be unlike any seen before in the city.
Be there - preferably with a video camera to record police violence for court support work after the smoke clears.

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Pakistani Hackers Attack U.S., U.K. Sites

12-01-2002 13:25

A group of Pakistani computer hackers, claiming to be supporters of the Taliban terrorist regime and Kashmiri separatists have taken over Taiwanese servers for the purpose of launching a coordinated attack against sites in the U.S. and the U.K.