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Israel Is Doomed!

28-12-2008 19:45

Israel is doomed because it is run by psychotic idiots who are bent on a "Greater Israel" strategy.

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London Palestine solidarity demonstration - photos 1

28-12-2008 19:22

Gaza Emergency Protest in London

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Emergency Demo at Edo/ITT in Brighton tomorrow

28-12-2008 18:33

Edo/ITT are complicit in ongoing murder. Shut ITT tomorrow.

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demo tomorow

28-12-2008 18:17

demo tomorow against police brutality and the gaza atttack

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The Fargate Speaker - It's Back!!

28-12-2008 17:28

The Fargate Speaker - Sheffield's antidote to crappy local news rags - is back for its new year January/February edition. The publication will be returning to a bi-monthly run with a brand new look and a soon-to-be-completed accompanying web site.

In this Issue: The Struggle for Anonymity, Post Office Closures, Nick Clegg, Homelessness, Religious Nutters and Temping Agencies.

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Police launch massive attack on Palestine solidarity demonstration!

28-12-2008 17:25

A massive Palestine solidarity demonstration outside the Israeli embassy has been brutally attacked by police. Only about 800 demonstrators turned up and therefore they were not able to defend themselves very against the heavily tooled up police who laid into the demonstrators with batons and many numerous violent arrests.

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Sunday 28/12/2008 declared a General Strike in protest of the Israeli Massacres

28-12-2008 17:07

This is the statement issued by the unified leadership of all Palestinian political parties and civil society inside Israel.

In an important precedent, the statement explicitly calls for sanctions and boycott against Israel for its "war crimes" and "acts of genocide" in Gaza.

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Palestine Solidarity Committee of South Africa Press Release

28-12-2008 16:12

Media Release: Prominent South Africans including Ronnie Kasrils, Steven Friedman, Eddie Makue, condemn the Gaza massacre

Palestine Solidarity Committee

27th December 2008

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Over 50,000 rally as pro-Gaza demos sweep Egypt's cities

28-12-2008 15:52

1 hour ago

CAIRO (AFP) - More than 50,000 people took to the streets of a dozen Egyptian cities on Sunday to protest against the killing of more than 280 Palestinians in 24 hours of Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

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Activist Call Out - Protests Outside Israeli Embassy in Solidarity with Gaza

28-12-2008 15:36

More Activists Needed at the Emergency Demonstration Outside the Israeli Embassy in Kensington, London. The main roads have been blocked, and police have started making arrests although at present the exact number is unknown. More people are needed to show support and solidarity.

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NC emerges single-largest party in J-K, may form coalition

28-12-2008 15:24

Omar Abdullah
Naresh Kadyan, Representative of OIPA in India welcome the results.......

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upcoming event: no price hike on public transport.

28-12-2008 15:01

leafletting in Leeds train station.

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Naresh Kadyan needs support of Political parties to contest from Faridabad

28-12-2008 14:26

Naresh Kadyan
Renowned social & animal rights activist in India Naresh Kadyan ready to be a voice for general public & animals as well, he is planning to contest coming parliamentary election from Faridabad in Haryana as he has spent last 15 years over there being an public servat, we wish him all success.

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Sofia EU: Using Municipal Animal Facilities Raises New Questions

28-12-2008 14:23

Comment on TV report from "Lozenetc" the animal shelter

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By Ewa Jasiewicz – Gaza City

28-12-2008 12:00

This is an on the spot report by freelance journalist Ewa Jasiewicz.

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Tales to tell ( from Gaza) Sunday December 28, 5.30am, Jabalia

28-12-2008 10:19

In the basement, the family begins the night at their allotted sleeping spaces,
but as the hours pass, draw closer together until women and children are
huddled together in a pile of blankets. The women have slept little, and look
exhausted. There are 5 or 6 children under the age of 5, touselled hair and
solemn faces. The oldest boy's face is pinched and distorted with anxiety.
Explosions are sporadic; sometimes far off, sometimes close. The drone of
Israeli aircraft is constant. Fragments of news come by the phone. Attack
beside Al Shifa hospital; windows break onto patients. Security and Protection
Forces attacked. Al Aqsa TV channel attacked. Plastic factory attacked. Al
Asaraya building. The number of dead increases in small leaps.

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Israeli shelling of Gaza continues! Video from ISMers on the ground

28-12-2008 10:05

Sunday 28th December, 2008

Shortly before 7:00am local time, yet another Israeli missile strike hit the residential neighbourhood of Hi Alijnina in the southern Gaza town of Rafah. This time a pharmacy was targeted, totally destroying the building and causing severe damage to surrounding homes. Electricity lines were torn down during the blast and the street was littered with medicines. This footage was filmed within minutes of the attack as fire fighters battled to control the blaze. Shocked residents poured into the streets, some still wearing pyjamas.

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Bush's Farewell Gift*

28-12-2008 09:44

UN Resolution 1850 pushes Palestinian unity further from reach than ever, argues Nicola Nasser**