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refusing food in solidarity with Saloniki 7: Dublin, Ireland

22-11-2003 22:51

5 Irish people to go on 24 hour fast in solidarity with Thessaloniki hunger strikers on Tuesday

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Messages to Bush pt2

22-11-2003 22:33

More responses to the Bush visit in London.

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Bush march: Why it took you 2 hours to move along Malet St

22-11-2003 22:25

The SWP (who dominate the Stop the War Coalition) dictated the slow pace of the march. The march of hundreds of thousands of people was also forced through a narrow section consisting of one pavement and a narrow section of road, and thereafter forced onto one side of the road all the way.

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Deception Dollars @ St*p Bu$h

22-11-2003 21:45

Deception Dollars on London streets 2003-11-20

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Messages to Bush pt1

22-11-2003 21:43

Bush's visit to the UK provoked a variety of responses.

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who was really behind the istanbul bombs?

22-11-2003 20:12

big sceptical alrm bells rang when i heard of the bombs on that particular day - seems like a terrible pr own goal for al-qaeda - they screwed up the front pages of newspapers around the world that might otherwise have shown the toppling of bush's statue in london

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a samba day out resisting bush on 20th november

22-11-2003 19:41

rhythms dancers stage a die-in
rhythms of resistance samba band swelled by members from sheffield, barking, oxford and amsterdam bands took part in the day of action against bush on thursday 20th november - report and pics›

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a samba day out resisting bush 19th november

22-11-2003 19:29

start of street party in malet street
rhythms of resistance samba band swelled by members from sheffield, barking and amsterdam bands took part in a day of action against bush on wednesday 19th november - report and pics›

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Guantanamo Bay Demonstration Friday

22-11-2003 19:19

Successful demonstration against the detentions without trial or legal representation outside US embassy on Friday 21st November.

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22-11-2003 18:11

On 16 November the Independent on Sunday led with the headline 'My husband died in vain', a comment made by Lianne Seymour whose commando husband was killed in the early days of the war in Iraq. Mrs Seymour was one of the few bereaved relatives invited to meet President Bush this Thursday. She, and the other families quoted in the report, told how they were going to confront Bush about his lies leading up to war. The private meeting took place on Thursday morning. There are no comments to report from the British media on this event.

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More Vietnam Atrocities

22-11-2003 18:07

Nick Turse has done an excellent job in documenting that My Lai and the Tiger Force atrocities were not isolated incidents, but he misses an important point. Disappearances, hideous torture techniques, mutilations, rapes, etc. serve a very logical purpose in US counterinsurgency strategy. In Vietnam it was called the Phoenix Program. It is savage intimidation designed to reduce popular support for guerrilla fighters. In recent terminology, it is shock and awe.

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Legal Action Against War (LAAW)

22-11-2003 17:40

Legal Action Against War, are updating the website right now >>>

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Video proves hunger striker was framed, lawyer says

22-11-2003 17:23

Lawyers for a British man nearing death in a Greek jail after a 50-day hunger strike have released video evidence to support his claim that he was framed by police after riots at the European Union Summit in Thessaloniki in June.

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what are you doing 25.12.03 / emf actions over bush..

22-11-2003 15:59

it happens here (,
just a little more subtle over
here.. but having spent time in northern i during the
late mid 1970s then being involved in the great strike
of 84 i watched what they did to us in northern i,
have done to us in grate strike of 84.. (20 years on
next year)

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Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: Latest Update

22-11-2003 15:41

Latest News From The Stop The Wall Campaign

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Israeli Govt. Sends Dodgy Check To Hurndall Family

22-11-2003 15:35

State sends bad check to peace activist shot by IDF
By Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondent

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Squatted Social Centre

22-11-2003 15:34


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Whose the worst terrorist Bush and Blair or Al Qaeda?

22-11-2003 15:12

The horrific bomb attack in Turkey on Thursday shocked the world. Innocent people were deliberatly masscared and maimed. There was no warning no chance of escape. So who is the worst terrorist Bush and Blair who only use armed force as a last resort or Al Qaeda who use it indescriminatly and as the first resort?

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Travellers Attacked in South Devon

22-11-2003 14:53

Travellers at Staverton, near Totnes were the victims of a arson attack that nearly cost lives.