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Garda threaten to rape woman

05-04-2011 18:37

Gardaí (police) in Co Mayo, Ireland have been recorded talking about threatening to rape a woman in their custody. The Gardaí, including a Sergeant, have been prominent in policing protests against Shell’s inland gas refinery.

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Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) calls on the Irish government to allow Noel McCull

05-04-2011 16:44


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Palestine Today 04 05 2011

05-04-2011 16:24

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

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Sick and tired of the warmakers! - A statement by War Resisters' International o

05-04-2011 15:48

War Resisters' International - an international network of more than 80 antimilitarist groups in more than 40 countries - declares:

We are sick and tired of military interventions that shield behind false "humanitarian motives" - be that in Libya or elsewhere.
We are sick and tired of the logic of violence as a form of resolving social and political conflicts.
Yet once again we have to address these themes as if nothing has been learnt in the last hundred years.

We absolutely reject foreign military intervention in Libya, whatever the excuse.

We also reject the use of violence as a response to the multiple conflicts in Libya.

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Palestine Today 04 05 2011

05-04-2011 15:40

Author of the Goldstone Report, Judge Richard Goldstone, promised to work to nullify the contested report and has accepted an invitation to visit Israel, Army Radio reported on Tuesday. He wants to "wait for the dust to settle" in the aftermath of an op-ed he penned in the Washington Post last week, in which he wrote that Israel, contrary to his famed UN report, did not target civilians in Operation Cast Lead as a matter of policy, AP reported.

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Graeme Hicks RESIGN Petition

05-04-2011 15:30

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pissing pigs in plain clothes on the 26th

05-04-2011 15:20

we feel we must share our experience and only wish we'd got a picture of the dirty pigs face

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M26: View from the bloc

05-04-2011 15:16

A brief description and thoughts on the 26th March Black Bloc in central London.

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Fukushima close to Chernobyl

05-04-2011 14:07

Relates the true radiological impact of the radiation from Fukushima

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War on Kleptocracy

05-04-2011 13:59

Nice youtube footage by Queuepolitely

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From the 1991GulfWar to the war on North Africa:On the true meaning of democracy

05-04-2011 13:31

Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (1993-2007)
Initially, the U.S. effort against Qaddafi's Administration in Libya was termed a "humanitarian intervention" to protect the people. But, when since September 11, 1990 have U.S. troops been mobilized to innocently rescue civilians in danger? In reality, the U.S. military has been selectively called into action to cause civilian pain, suffering, destruction, and death since September 11, 1990 and to further unstated objectives.

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Bookfair bumper stickers

05-04-2011 13:22


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Ian Tomlinson inquest - tuesdat 5th April, 2011

05-04-2011 12:32

PC Simon Harwood, the police officer who pushed Ian Tomlinson to the ground at the G20 protests two years ago, gives his second day of evidence at the newspaper seller's inquest

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Mass protest against government induced public debt

05-04-2011 11:42

On Saturday the 14th of May there will be a mass protest against government induced debt in central London. More details will follow nearer the time. Many people are fed up of the way the government has handled the economy with massive borrowing and massive spending on useless things like the 2012 Olympics which are costing around 10 billion pounds.

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Egyptian Army role in revolution challenged in new Report.

05-04-2011 10:51

Its author, Maikel Nabil Sanad, arrested after publicizing his findings on the net.

Below is a summary of some of the main findings of his report. For the full report go to the War Resisters International website at:

Note: Maikel Nabil Sanad, 25, lives in Cairo, and is a political activist and blogger. In April 2009 he founded the "No to Compulsory Military Service Movement". As a pacifist, he declared his conscientious objection to military service and demanded to be exempted from it. He was arrested on 12 November 2010, by military police, but released two days later, and finally exempted from military service on medical grounds. He participated in the Tahrir demonstrations from the start.

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Call out for zine contributions from those arrested in the Anti- Cuts movement

04-04-2011 23:41

CALLING ALL those arrested, detained, charged,or bailed in connection with the Anti Cuts movemENT- we want your voice!

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Shell's Work Disrupted for 12 Hours in Aughoose Co. Mayo Ireland

04-04-2011 23:23

Locked on
At 7am this morning a group of people entered Shells land in Aughoose. 2 people attached themselves together using a concrete tube blocking Shells new bog mat road that runs through their compound. The blockade lasted 11 hours and was followed by a spontaneousness action that stopped work for a further hour.