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Anti-terror bill becomes law

14-12-2001 01:04


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The hidden weapons factories

13-12-2001 23:24

Along with the checkpoints, closures and curfews, an unknown number of people have lost their jobs in the private sector or have been forced to move, wasting half a salary on a second rent. Every peasant farmer who goes out to work his fields risks his life; whether he has to go through Area C, or because his presence on a security road for a nearby settlement turns him automatically into a "suspect."

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Situation at the German-Belgian border near Aachen

13-12-2001 21:07

[translated text from]
This morning at 9.30 a convoi of buses organised by the DGB (the german federal unions) was stopped near Aachen; it was on its way to Brussels. Find below further info about this incident and a description of the situation at the German-Belgian border near Aachen.

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Bin Laden tape transcript

13-12-2001 19:24

One for the conspiracy theorists to ponder. Personally I think OBL did have prior knowledge - the assassination of Ahmed Shah Masoud two days prior to the attacks being the giveaway - but the US could easily have faked it using Adobe Premiere or similar. In the brief clip I viewed you don't actually see OBL's mouth say the words. Hmmmmm?

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Students and school students in Berlin strike and demonstrate against GATS

13-12-2001 18:07

Students at the Free University and the Humboldt Universtiy in Berlin
struck for two days (12/13 December) as part of a Europe-wide week of
action against the privatisation of education, encouraged by the General
Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS).

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Brussels: 100,000 trade unionists for people not profit

13-12-2001 17:54

Brussels on Thursday , December 13th, saw possibly the
largest ever demonstration of trade union strength
across Europe. Well over 100,000 people took five
hours (on a working day) to march through the capital
of the ‘Europe of Profit’ under the slogan, “Europe:
it’s us!”

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Festival del Pueblo Poster/Barricada December Cover

13-12-2001 17:19

Festival del Pueblo Poster/Barricada December Cover
Festival del Pueblo will be a 5 day event to commemorate May Day. From May 1st to May 5th different events and activities will be taking place. From Revolutionary Soccer Tournament, to an Anarchist Bookfair, from Direct Actions to Free Schools, from Concerts to a Carnival Against Capitalism. Come join the festival, a five-day celebration of resistance, of community, and of freedom.

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D14 Four sambistas went to mow

13-12-2001 15:33

First day of actions against the EU Summit in Brussels

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Neo-Nazis allowed to march on Dec. 15th, Brussels

13-12-2001 13:54

Nazi demo has been authorised by the police for the
15th Dec, main aim for them is to sabotage the Anarchist demonstration also on the same day.

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South London Action Group

13-12-2001 13:17

Next SLAGfest

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Plea from the United States

13-12-2001 12:59

An economic boycott of the USA may influence various policies.

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EU definition of "terrorism" could still embrace protests

13-12-2001 11:05

EU definition of "terrorism" could still embrace protests.

A disturbing report from Statewatch

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the [expiable] path

13-12-2001 10:58

latest issue of the [path]

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Euro Parl Committee to Consider Punishing Italy for Genoa

13-12-2001 09:54

Euro Parl Committee to Consider Punishing Italy for Genoa
A European Parliament Committee Is To Consider Taking Action Which Could Include Removing Italy’s Member Rights In The EU After The Human Rights / Civil Liberties Abuses In Genoa:

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Raid on Squat in Brussels

13-12-2001 09:48

this morning police raided a new squat which had been set up last night for demonstrators. About 30 people were arrested and 20 escaped. photos on belgian site.

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Panorama: A Change For The Worse

13-12-2001 08:51

Criticism of last night's Panorama program on the Sep 11 attacks.

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Police evict the Berlin university again

13-12-2001 05:57

Police evict the Berlin university again
Yesterdaynight the German police evicted the occupied building of the "Freie Universität Berlin" (Wich means "Free University Berlin"...) for the second time.

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Amira Hass : Palestine Update - 'The hidden weapons factories'

13-12-2001 01:10

'The hidden weapons factories'

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Major newspaper forgets to mention major riot

13-12-2001 00:05

In its reports on the investigations into riots in the North, the Guardian forgets to mention the Bradford July 7th insurrection.

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Coagulum in Oxford Street, London.

12-12-2001 23:58

Free Spirits needed for an action in Oxford Street, central London.