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Neo-Nazis allowed to march on Dec. 15th, Brussels

@ | 13.12.2001 13:54

Nazi demo has been authorised by the police for the
15th Dec, main aim for them is to sabotage the Anarchist demonstration also on the same day.

Neo-Nazi scum from the group "L'Assaut" have been
given permission to demonstrate on the 15th Dec.
This is definetly a political decession to:

a) associate anarchists with fascists like in Genoa
and show to non-politically people that anarchist =
fascists. Even if the two groups confront each other.

b) Divert energy from the Anarchist demo by antifa
units looking for fash.

There was a call out by various neo-nazis groups
to mobilise to genoa to fuck up the anarchists and
now it seems like the same plan.

I wonder how many neo-nazis get stopped crossing
the border!


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  1. this is the way things are — Dwight Heet