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Leeds NO2ID Protest against ID cards

25-11-2008 10:01

Leeds NO2ID have burnt a mock ID card in protest at the introduction of the ID card scheme for foreign nationals

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Britain's Youngest Prisoners: 5 Children, 'Done no Crime but doing Time'

25-11-2008 07:40

Tell my teacher Mrs. Khalk and my friends Marshall, Damian, Asaid and Adam at Peel Park Primary School that I am in prison with my family.' Ziyad Zighem aged 6 years 3 months,

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tony blair now a victim?

25-11-2008 01:47

US intelligence kept a file “of personal nature” on Tony Blair while he was Prime Minister, in violation of an agreement

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Solidarity with Greek Hunger strike – No Prison No State

25-11-2008 01:08

Since the 11th of November more than 5,500 prisoners all over the country of Greece have been on hunger-strike, in protest against the intolerable conditions they have to exist under.

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ID cards will lead to us all being fingerprinted

24-11-2008 23:13

Press release from NO2ID on the introduction of “ID cards for foreigners”

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24-11-2008 22:55

A new social centre is developing near Birmingham City Centre. Please come and get involved.

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ID 'reading' machines on Canada and Mexico borders

24-11-2008 22:16

USA Today reports that border guards along Mexico/US and Canada/US borders have begun use of machines that can remotely read biometric chips in ID cards of travellers.

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A Critique of the Fourth International

24-11-2008 21:18

Correcting our political perspective

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Meanwhile in Iceland...

24-11-2008 21:17

The crowds are restless.

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Protest in Solihull against the imposition of ID cards on Migrants

24-11-2008 19:42

multiplying the borders
Birmingham Noborders will be holding a demonstration on November 25th from 12:30pm in Solihull against the imposition of ID cards on Non-Eu students and marriage visa holders.

The protest will be happening at the UK Border Agency centre where student and marriage visa applicants will have to go to have their photograph and fingerprints taken. The location is Dominion Court, 41 Station Road, Solihull, Birmingham, B91 3RT:

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Manchester Students remember Ken Saro-Wiwa in University Shell protest

24-11-2008 19:14

Students from the University of Manchester held a memorial protest in remembrance of Nigerian human rights activists who were killed by the Nigerian military in 1995. The protest highlighted the new partnership to research biofuels between the University of Manchester and Shell.

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Arts Collective against the proposed Camden animal testing / virus lab

24-11-2008 18:53

There is an attempt to build a high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Camden. This has been dubbed by the press as the "28 Days Later Lab" and MI5 have leaked warnings to newspapers about security fears. The lab if built will be on a council estate. Planning permission will soon be applied for. London Against Camden Danger Lab Arts Collective are looking for artists....

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Resident Nottingham Speedcore DJ Crazy2nr is exposed as a BNP activist

24-11-2008 17:30

A popular Nottingham resident speedcore DJ at Rigormortis, (Crazy 2nr) was on the leaked membership list as a BNP activist, using his musical acitivites to try to (allegedly) turn local clubbers into fascists.

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Rushmoor heaps praise on Pavilion

24-11-2008 17:17

According to the local comic, the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has heaped praise on Pavilion Housing Association.

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TopShop SwapShop, BND action

24-11-2008 17:09

Flyer for the event
Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to announce the restyling fashion mash-up event of the year!

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Beyond TV 2008 festival a great success

24-11-2008 17:08

Beyond Tv stage
Hundreds of people flocked to see inspiring films in Swansea at the weekend.

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St Modwen claim Farnborough redevelopment complete by Christmas

24-11-2008 17:02

Rok Construction pile driving
If the local comic is to be believed, the demolition site that is all that is left of what was once Farnborough town centre will be open for Christmas shopping by 2009.

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Natalie Bracht found and kids seized

24-11-2008 16:37

News reports are appearing which claim that fugative mother Natalie Bracht has been tracked down to Munich in Germany and her five kids seized by the authorities...

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CLIMATE MARCH 2008 - Global Day of Action

24-11-2008 15:47

Part of a Global Day of Action on climate, see - last year 70+ countries were involved.

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Pro-market. Anti-capitalist. What to do?

24-11-2008 15:24

On the day that capitalisms greatest current asset- that of Citigroup- has had to be nationalized by the US government, the following is a backgrounder on such current events that finishes with a request for answers to an important question.