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ID 'reading' machines on Canada and Mexico borders

anonymous | 24.11.2008 22:16 | Bio-technology | Migration | Repression | World

USA Today reports that border guards along Mexico/US and Canada/US borders have begun use of machines that can remotely read biometric chips in ID cards of travellers.

Border guards at US border crossings located at Blaine, Wash.; Buffalo; Detroit; Nogales, Ariz. and San Ysidro, Calif have already begun to use, or will within the next few months begin to operate, machines that can 'read' information contained within government issued ID cards as travellers approach check points.

By the time a vehicle reaches the check point the photographs and personal data of all occupants appear on a screen for the border guards to check, and anyone flagged on any 'watch list or database' is automatically taken in for questioning.