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Victory for protesters in E.ON PR battle

08-04-2009 17:24

Victory for protesters in E.ON PR battle

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Circus and Zoo animals could make a comback to the UK sign the ePetition to stop

08-04-2009 16:05

From the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, in Kenya:

On Friday 27 February, the Great British Circus began its 2009 season in Nottingham, England, and this year has seen them include three elephants in their act.

It has been 10 years since an elephant performed in a circus in Britain; then it was Anne, an Asian elephant, who was put through a routine of tricks at the Bobby Roberts Super Circus.

... and...

It is failures and weakness on the part of DEFRA that has allowed this use of animals in circuses to continue. With Defra's report 'Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses' concluding that there is no scientific evidence to demonstrate that travelling circuses are not able to meet the welfare needs of any type of non-domestic animals presently being used in the United Kingdom. It is worth knowing that in reaching this conclusion Defra chose to ignore evidence relating to either animal performance or training!

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ITALY The Fiore legacy: the fascist and the bowler.

08-04-2009 15:08

Roberto Fiore
The presence in London of many right-wing killer reveals a scandal, that the area of neo-fascist criminals have found a safe haven in England in about 40 years.
The extreme right has a long-time contacts OVERSEAS

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Palestine Today 040809

08-04-2009 14:54

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednesday April 8th, 2009.

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Alaskan gold mine fight heads to London

08-04-2009 14:36

A delegation of native Alaskans and commercial fishermen will head to London next week to confront mining industry giant Anglo American PLC about the controversial Pebble mine project.

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Tamil protest still going strong / 8th April 3pm

08-04-2009 14:07

Police repression still very high: solidarity needed! Go down and make sure the Tamils are not subjected to police brutality!

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Six Britons Join Two Hundred Strong Blockade of NATO Summit in Strasbourg

08-04-2009 13:46

NATO-ZU blockade - Copyright (c) D. Viesnik 2009
Six Britons Join Two Hundred Strong Blockade of NATO Summit in Strasbourg

Trident Ploughshares Press Release

Saturday, 4 April, 2009


Six British members and supporters of anti-nuclear campaign group Trident Ploughshares joined over two hundred protesters from a dozen countries in the five-hour NATO-ZU / Shut down NATO nonviolent blockade of NATO's 60th anniversary conference this morning [see note 1]. The activists blocked a main road into the red security zone around the conference centre where NATO is meeting. There were no arrests. At the same time, other groups of five hundred and seven hundred activists blocked other main roads into the red zone. They are joining tens of thousands of protesters from across Europe.

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The truth about the IPCC

08-04-2009 12:42

A former commissioner at the Independent Police Complaints Commission lays bare its failings

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Subvurt: Surveillance with The CCTV Caberet

08-04-2009 12:15

Tuesday April 14th 7pm at The Britons Protection (show starts 7.30)

A night of ace music, short films, comedy ranting and miscellaneous shenanigans about public space, civil liberties, the database state and more. Prepare to laugh, cry, sigh and get angry...

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Ravens island rising Eco action

08-04-2009 12:10

Ravens island eco conference centre direct action the next stages come and help.

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Terrorizing Dissent - US Indymedia film about policing demo's

08-04-2009 11:09

If the policing concerned you at G20, have a look at what our American friends have to put up with and us before not too long.

Glass Bead Collective, Twin Cities Indymedia, and other independent media activists have released a new film, 'Terrorizing Dissent', an exposé of events at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Featuring first-person accounts and footage from more than forty cameras on the streets, 'Terrorizing Dissent' focuses on the story of dissent suppressed. People charged with "conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism" speak out against the government's campaign to manipulate media coverage and label civil disobedience and community organizing as terrorism.

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were you hit or injured during police raid on G20 climate camp?

08-04-2009 11:06

at about 19:45, riot police attacked the south end of the bishopsgate climate camp. as a result of my film ( i've had a lot of emails, and i'm trying to put together an official complaint with the help of other journalists.

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New Tesco for Crookes (round 2) - Fargate Speaker

08-04-2009 10:45

Despite a previous planning application being thrown out by hundreds of objections from local residents Tesco are once again putting forward proposals to build another superstore in Crookes. Not to be bested the Fargate Speaker is once again on the case.

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Strasbourg - north blockade

08-04-2009 10:38

Blockaders are ready to resist being removed
As part of the anti-NATO summit protests, several blockades were organised to stop, or hinder, access to the red zone - the part of Strasbourg that was completely closed off and where the summit took place.

These blockades were done under the "Block-NATO" umbrella ; one of those, the north blockade organized by "NATO-ZU", was strictly nonviolent.

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Coordination for action against police brutality: Gaza and G20 protests

08-04-2009 10:14

With the recent hype of Ian Tomlinson's death and the dangerous tactics used by the police on the G20 protesters we might have forgotten what happened during protests against Israel's attacks on the population of Gaza last January.

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Petition seeking an end to police violence against peaceful demonstrators

08-04-2009 09:55

Petition to sign seeking that the Prime Minister disallow the use of kettles, batons and other aggressive police tactics at entirely peaceful protests. Please sign and circulate widely. We need 27,000+ signatures to get it to the top of the e-petitions list.

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Prisoner Support : Support the Highgate 4

08-04-2009 08:53


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International declaration urges caution over biochar

08-04-2009 08:42

147 groups from 44 countries have signed an international declaration urging caution over proposals for large-scale biochar use, and opposing the inclusion of biochar and agricultural soils in general into carbon trading. The declaration with updated signatures can be found at .

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ITALY BNP politician who lives in a Welsh village greeted by fascist salutes

08-04-2009 07:50

POLITICIANS from all sides condemned the British National Party last night after its deputy leader appeared on stage in Milan at a neo-fascist rally.

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A lively night in Parliament Square

08-04-2009 02:20

Stop the war in Sri Lanka demo goes through the night.