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A look at the bombing of the Golden Dome Mosque in Samarra

15-02-2007 23:54

Information Warfare, Psy-ops and the Power of Myth

The bombing of the Golden Dome Mosque in Samarra is the cornerstone of Bush’s psychological operations (psy-ops) in Iraq. That’s why it is critical to have an independent investigation and discover who is really responsible. The bombing has been used as a "Pearl Harbor-type" event which has deflected responsibility for the 650,000 Iraqi casualties and more than 3 million refugees. These are the victims of American occupation not civil war.

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Taking Aim: Brzezinski Breaks Rank Over The Pending Nuclear Attack On Iran

15-02-2007 23:15

One hour radio show from Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone on the threat of a US attack on Iran. Recorded on Feburary 12th 2007.

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Lack of lake ice a harbinger of things to come

15-02-2007 22:57

Jim Stevens, Staff Writer Sussex Sun

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Stop the execution of three Iraqi women who resist the occupation

15-02-2007 22:56

The executions of what they call " terrorists" and " criminals" in their dozens have been going on over a year now. A public execution took place in Mosul City, North of Iraq, two months ago. However, this is the first time we hear about sentencing women to death.

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Petition Power - Online petitions to PM concerning animals

15-02-2007 22:36

This site is a government website where people can start petitions for the Prime minister to take into account. The anti road charging petition being in the news recently because the government are taking on board that 1.5 million people have signed it and it would therefore be unpopular for them to bring this in. This is a potentially great opportunity for people who care about animals to have their say. It is especially important because the Hunt supporters have a petition to scrap the hunting act 2004, which now has 28,000 signatures. We must show the strength of feeling against hunting and support for the ban being tightened.

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Indication Iran Ready To Re-negotiate

15-02-2007 22:35

Indication Iran Ready To Re-negotiate

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And the Iranian Mortar Story Keeps Growing

15-02-2007 22:15

Why is it that apparently, the only arms of Iranian military contractors who don’t have a website in Arabic or Farsi are those whose products are the target of American accusation? Something is afoot, yet I know not what…

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UN Peacekeeping Paramilitarism

15-02-2007 21:49

How UN peacekeepers are used as thuggish paramilitary enforcers for empire.

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Afghanistan under occupation: An assessment—Part 2

15-02-2007 21:24

Stop the Bombing
Shortly after the US-led invasion of 2001, international donors committed roughly US$5 billion for Afghan reconstruction.

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The strange case of the Australian PM and the American Senator

15-02-2007 20:49

Denouncing the US Democrats
These issues are being deliberately censored because the entire Australian political and media establishment is complicit in the war crimes of the Bush administration and the Howard government.

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8 anti-fur activists charged under new SOCPA amendment

15-02-2007 20:45

8 charged under new SOCPA amendment

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What do you think? Are you truly all alone on this?

15-02-2007 20:05

/ / IDEA: Let’s get our show up and running, by allowing open
public investigations To be conducted internationally, with
open line challenges, so we can publicly isolate each and
every bushmobster personally responsible for 911, and then,
all of everything else still left outstanding murdering
ourselves. Whatdoyahsay?? \ \

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OPPDIC destabilizes zones of Chiapas, JBG's denounce

15-02-2007 18:45

The Organization for the Defense of Indigenous Rights (OPDDIC), considered a paramilitary group for years by the indigenous communities of the Selva Lacandona and recently reactivated, is emerging as principal threat to the coexistence of indigenous communities, with the open support of the PRD government of Juan Sabines Gutiérrez.

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Afghanistan - Canadian Senate Report Excerpted

15-02-2007 18:07

Anyone expecting to see the emergence in Afghanistan within the next several decades of a recognizable modern democracy ... is dreaming in Technicolor.

Chris Alexander (former Ambassador to Afghanistan) said it would take 5 generations of effort to make a difference in Afghanistan.

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Pipeline company targetted by direct action

15-02-2007 17:46

The offices of Land and Marine in Bath were targetted last night with spraypainted messages and super glued locks as part of ongoing resistance to their South Wales gas pipeline scheme.

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Canterbury 17 Feb: Dem;End Christian Homophobia.

15-02-2007 16:25

A demo is to be held in Canterbury, Kent against ongoing Christian Homophobia...

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prince charles visiting toxteth town hall

15-02-2007 16:24

Royalty/Charlie boy visiting Toxteth Town Hall in April 2007

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Paintballzones Destroying Woodland

15-02-2007 15:56

Overgrown kids fireing paint at each other is destroying flaura and fauna in our woodland

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End the Repression of people seeking asylum!

15-02-2007 15:50

Halkevi, Day-Mer, and Gik-Der, Kurdish and Turkish organisations in
the UK are circulating a petition calling on the Home Secretary to
urgently review the treatment of people from Turkey seeking asylum in
the UK.