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Ignore her Advice at your Peril: Jane Jacobs' Dark Age Ahead

21-05-2004 15:25

"Her message is that to ignore the poor's plight is to allow this pillar of community (marriage) to warp and disintegrate. Then society as a whole risks sliding into a Dark Age." North Americans must heed the warning signs of the next Dark Age or risk cultur4al collapse.

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Protest as Iraq C.P.A. media commisioner speaks at LSE

21-05-2004 15:23

A small group of London School of Economics staff and others protested outside the LSE on Haughton Street this morning as Simon Haselock, Media Commisioner for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq spoke at a seminar inside.

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Discussion on May 27th: Autonomous Event During ESF

21-05-2004 13:29

(Please circulate)

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Manchester Parks Under Threat: Residents Fight Back!

21-05-2004 11:40

Plans are afoot to build car parks on Whitworth Park and Platt Fields Park, both in the Rusholme area of South Manchester. Large chunks of these popular parks will be concreted over if the plans are approved by the council.

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Is this still America?

21-05-2004 11:40

this shit is sick...

remember also: the silver ring thing is coming to the UK this summer
organize a boycott of US religious right wing fascism...while you still can...

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UHC Goes Corporate

21-05-2004 11:07

UHC's corporate website
'Radical' Manchester arts collective UHC has given itself a corporate re-branding in a bid to attract a more upmarket clientelle.

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21-05-2004 10:55

Iraqis have been burying more of the victims of a US air strike which they said hit a wedding party.

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Horrific blooshed brings protest to M&S

21-05-2004 10:52

The weeks war crimes have brought people out in abundance. Some to protest for the first time.

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New prisoner abuse details emerge

21-05-2004 10:49

Graphic accounts by Iraqi prisoners of abuse at the hands of US soldiers have been published in a US newspaper, with fresh images depicting ill-treatment.

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CRITICAL MASS 28th may-free food and fun

21-05-2004 09:56

critical mass flyer
Critical mass.......yo!

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Get Clued Up about Climate Change night

21-05-2004 09:43

Do summat present the third of the monthly get clued up events:
'get clued up bout climate change'

Tuesday 25th may, from 7pm til midnight at the Green Room on Whitworth Street. The event features music.. film.. fun and know-how with the common theme of climate change

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Refugee suicides in Glasgow

21-05-2004 08:44


3 asylum suicides in one year in Scotland - how many others are there we don’t know about?

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Dublin Mayday Update: Polly (uk arrestee) + witness appeal + more...

21-05-2004 08:30

Updates from indymedia ireland and other sources - main article on the outrageous treatment being given to Polly and others for a VERY MINOR matter - obviously part of a political persecution...

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US Justice Dept Fails in Legal Action Attacking Greenpeace US

21-05-2004 08:08

Good News!

The outrageous attempt by the US authorities to attack the whole of Greenpeace USA after an anti Bush / Logging ship demo in april 2002 has failed.

There's also the case i think about the greenpeace activists who dressed as tigers boarded a ship in an oil / climate protest. when one of them was tackled to the ground the idiot doing the tackling broke his wrist - now all of the activists who took part in the action / PR stunt are now facing felony charges!!

The US administration is getting well out of line in terms of attacking protesters, even now going as far as the fluffy greenpeace ngo types, but hey, i guess that's hardly surprising news to you folks.

Anyway below is the press release and links for more info. Screw Bush!

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An Interview with filmmaker Michael Burns

21-05-2004 07:11

The NSS lays out a plan for preventive war which is drawn worldwide protest.
Albert Marceau interviews Michael Burns, director of the new documentary Preventive Warriors, on the foreign policy of the Bush Administration.

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Troubled Nation

21-05-2004 05:01

From Melbourne's largest newspaper.
The American people didn't know its troops abused prisoners in Iraqi jails. Ignorance. Officials who knew pretend they didn't know. Hypocrisy. To excuse the perpetrators, parents of soldiers say their kids were forced to follow orders. Obedience. Read on...

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chomsky on venezuela

21-05-2004 01:57

mp3 & transcript of noam chomsky answering a question about venezuela on 2004-5-19 in the logan hall, institute of education, london.

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OCSET: let's make the garden as nice and useful as possible!

21-05-2004 01:13

There is a monstrous "development" plan for the actual OCSET (the Oxford social centre), part of which consists in using the fantastic garden and put loads of modern posh condos/flats instead...

Saturday (May 22nd) all day at OCSET: let's enjoy the garden and make it as nice and useful as it can be!!!

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20-05-2004 23:42

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Spain, Russia, China, and Cuba.

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Undercurrents takes media activism to Zagreb.

20-05-2004 22:55

Undercurrents takes media activism to Zagreb.