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Ambient Green Picnic – July 2005

05-08-2005 16:50

The Ambient Green Picnic was held in Guildford on Sunday 31 July 2005.

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Folkestone to be home to Uk's Immigration & Nationality Service.

05-08-2005 15:41

The Home Office has announced that Folkestone (Tory leader Michael Howard's constituency) is to become the new home of the UK's Imm' & Nationality Service from 2007.
(Trains from London Charing Cross-Folkestone Central -1h40mins- for anyone wanting to demo here from 2007)

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Justifying actions of others soon to be illegal.

05-08-2005 13:58

Justify - to show to be true, right, or reasonable is the definition of justify.

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Leeds solidarity pickets for Tesco workers

05-08-2005 13:24

Leeds solidarity picket
Nationwide pickets were held yesterday evening in support of Tesco workers in Dublin, who were laid off after complaining about unachievable production targets.

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al-Qaradawi endorses 'stoning' of outed gay Qatari Prince

05-08-2005 12:56

OutRage! News service release.
Fundamentalist muslim cleric (courted by Ken Livingstone) has told al-Jazeera that a Qatari Prince, outed as gay, should be stoned to death...

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More belated info about anti-G8 Carnival

05-08-2005 12:54

More belated info about anti-G8 Carnival including charges against innocent demonstrators

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London Solidarity Picket for sacked Tescos Workers

05-08-2005 10:20

The first London solidarity picket for the 2 Polish Tescos workers sacked last week in Dublin took place on Thursday evening. Around 20 people turned out to leaflet shoppers and staff at the Tesco’s store on Morning Lane in Hackney – the same store targeted by the Precarity Assembly for action on Mayday this year.

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Nottingham NO2ID - anti Identity Card Group

05-08-2005 09:59

Nottingham NO2ID Operating under the NO2ID banner, are a group of people based in and around Nottingham UK who strongly oppose the UK government's plans for national biometric ID cards and a "National Identity Register" database system. We are affiliated with the nationwide NO2ID campaign.

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Bush asks Berlusconi to smash the Anti-Imperialist Camp

05-08-2005 05:56

44 members of the US congress addressed a formal protest letter to the Italian ambassador in Washington, Sergio Vento, asking to outlaw the Anti-imperialist Camp.

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HICKS: Not a Happy Birthday!

05-08-2005 01:55

Imprisoned and tortured for 3 years and 9 months!
'It is time for the Australian Government to request David Hicks' repatriation, before it is too late,' Mrs Obeid added.

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Two Million Imprisoned = Too Many

05-08-2005 01:51

Civil rights march on Washington
On August 13, thousands of people are expected to march in D.C. against rising mass imprisonment in the U.S.

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Solidarity with Polish workers in Ireland, Hackney, London

05-08-2005 01:13

On this Thursday evening, around 20 activists held a solidarity protest to support the onging struggle of Polish packing workers, who were sacked from the Tesco packing factory in the Greenhill's suburb of Dublin, Ireland one week ago today.

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Gone with the wind

05-08-2005 00:06

More pictures of the Balsall Heath and surrounding areas.

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Food Not Bombs at Hiroshima - Never Again Free Festival this Saturday

04-08-2005 21:40

Food Not Bombs will be serving free vegan food at the Hiroshima - Never Again Free Festival at Millennium Point in Birmingham this Saturday 6th August. The festival is from 2pm until -7pm and free tasty vegan food will be served from 3pm onwards!

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Video: Iraqi Resistance Attacks And Kills U.S. Marines

04-08-2005 20:55

This video is purported to have been taken on 08/01/05 by a section of the Iraqi resistance and shows an attack in which 6 U.S. marines are killed.

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Flashback: Bin Laden's No 2 'captured in Iran'

04-08-2005 20:33

While the people who brought us "Iraq has WMD!!" are claiming this man has 'vowed more terror in London' - claims that are being uncritically repeated by the media - it is interesting to remember that he was arrested three years ago.

Meanwhile, the compelling, independently-verifiable evidence that would support Bliar's Conspiracy Theories about 7/7/21 (like video images from the most surveilled country in the world) is still suspiciously absent. The timing is very interesting, and bears investigation. Note the careful stage dressing, the placement of the rifle behind him, which is not typical of legitimate "terrorist" messages.

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Alcoa Giant finally got it too

04-08-2005 20:30

Video high up in the air
A group of activist climed three cranes on the alcoa aluminium smelter construction site in iceland.

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more actions against alcoa dam in Icleand

04-08-2005 19:53

activists invaded construction site and scaled huge cranes in protest against illegal construction of Alcoa smelter in pristine fjord

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Picket of Tescos Cowley Road 6pm 4th July

04-08-2005 16:40

Picket of Tescos Cowley Road, East Oxford at 6pm on Thursday 4th July.

Part of a national day of action in support of Polish agency workers exploited by Tescos in Ireland.

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Latest Corporate Watch news out now!

04-08-2005 15:46

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