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Israelis are using Depleted Uranium in Lebanon

21-07-2006 18:51

Below are links to photos showing Israeli forces loading their tanks with depleted uranium weapons.

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The US is Now Safe - Man With 76 IQ Executed in Virginia Electric Chair

21-07-2006 18:31

The Paragon of Human Rights Virtues - the US - Kills Another Human Being

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Protest to mark the loss of the NHS

21-07-2006 16:27

First of regular protests against the loss of the NHS.

Protest on Saturday 5th August 11-2pm. It will be held in the gardens at the end of Mazil Way, Cowley Road.

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Marxism 2006 "The fringe"

21-07-2006 15:57

Over 4,000 people attended Marxism 2006 hosted by the SWP. Here is the report back of the fringe meetings.

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Reagan's "Outrage," Bush's Silence

21-07-2006 15:08

What one American president did to stop an Israeli assault on Lebanon, what another won't do.

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Oxford builders get harassment warning

21-07-2006 15:02

Harassment warnings given to builders and incompetent cyclist hurts himself instead of protestors. Another day of interesting events curtesy of Oxford University employees.

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B'Tselem - "Israeli Soldiers use civilians as Human Shields in Beit Hanun"

21-07-2006 13:21

An investigation by the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B'Tselem, indicates that, during an incursion by Israeli forces into Beit Hanun, in the northern Gaza Strip, on 17 July 2006, soldiers seized control of two buildings in the town and used residents as human shields.

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Another World is Possible!

21-07-2006 13:18

Globalization from above is a barbaric system impoverishing the majority of people and destroying the earth. We need another economic globalization, a globalization from below in the interests of the earth and the interests of the poorest.

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Protest Israeli Aggression! Get On TV With Tiger!

21-07-2006 12:58


SUNDAY, 23rd JULY - BRING BANNERS. The world's media is there for the final round of the British Open golf. ALL WELCOME - WE'LL BE THERE A COUPLE OF HOURS SO YOU CAN COME LATE.

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Israel's Suffering?

21-07-2006 12:24

As the latest round of Israeli mass punishment escalates, as the Lebanese people are once again subjected to a taste of the brutality meted out to the Palestinians, and as George Bush and Tony Blair give their tacit approval, the question posed by Robert Fisk in a recent article surely warrants further consideration. 'What does this act of destruction tell us about Israel? Or about ourselves?'

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21-07-2006 11:50


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Interview with Belgrade park campaigners

21-07-2006 11:40

The current state of the park

In June 2005, a corporation called Crnotravac cut down all the trees in Peti Park, a small park in Belgrade, with the aim to build a five storage high commercial centre. The neighbourhood doesn't accept this, and has started an impressive struggle to safe the park.

On July 15, the neighbours of Peti Park organised a street event to show their determination to keep defending their park. The event was supported by the Art and Activism Caravan. Dragan Djurosinovic, Jasmina Dobric and Mirjana Zupunski, neighbours of the park, explain about the fight for the park.

Links: Peti Parkic campaign website | AA Caravan Indymedia

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21-07-2006 11:38


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Art of War : Sunday New York Times

21-07-2006 11:34

Sunday New York Times
Sunday New York Times

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Whilst Israel bombs, the European Union trades

21-07-2006 10:08

Describes the trade agreement between Israel and European Union

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Lebanon: Throw out war propagandists like the BBC, FOX, CNN etc.

21-07-2006 09:41

We all know the BBC is strictly impartial! How do we know that? Because that's what they keep saying on the telly! But in reality most are not 'journalists' but warmongering propagandists. The BBC the last 2 decades has given just 2% to broadcasting anti-war dissent! They have shown to be worse than FOX, CNN etc

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Stop Guardian reviving Salman Rushdie backing Monica Ali attack on community

21-07-2006 09:40

What or which is the single most pernicious ‘mainstream British media factory’ for legitimising racist falsification? It is not the London Daily Mail. We know that is what the Daily Mail wants to do. It is the Guardian which denies the accusation but does it daily. Closer examination of the Guardian’s staff composition shows that more of them follow the agenda of the racist Daily mail than would admit to doing. The Guardian’s latest crusade against the community in the East End of London has brought to the fore the latest version of a pro-racist phantom image which the Guardian then uses as the tool to enable the likes of Salman Rushdie to get back to doing what they are paid and given platform to do – justify racism under any pretext at any time. The community has been defamed by the likes of the Guardian for more than 50 years in the Eats End of London. Now they are resuming that assault via their composite

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Open Letter to The Middle East Quartet

21-07-2006 09:27

An Open Letter to The Middle East Quartet
by the Beijing International Peace Vigil

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Israel's fair game (by Latuff)

21-07-2006 04:06

Norman says...
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Lebanese people, suffering Nazi-like collective punishment from IsraHell.

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Somalian Islamists arrest twenty men for viewing porn film

21-07-2006 03:55

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA -- In a move that would likely strike awe in the hearts of American neo-cons, 20 Somali men have been arrested by Islamic militiamen after having allegedly viewed a pornographic video.