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Protest to mark the loss of the NHS

Nurse B | 21.07.2006 16:27 | Health | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Oxford

First of regular protests against the loss of the NHS.

Protest on Saturday 5th August 11-2pm. It will be held in the gardens at the end of Mazil Way, Cowley Road.

The protest will take place in front of the huge new LIFT (PFI for primary care) building site.

There will be banners and leafletting.

There's a plan to do this every month. It may be in the same place but may move around the county.

This will probably be a small-scale demo, but building on it is preferable. Those who want to helpl out, or who have suggestions in how to scale-up the protest let the local Keep Our NHS Public Campaign know (email address below).

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