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Boxing day anti-hunt demo Droitwich

27-12-2003 00:31

The scum got a roasting today from around 80 protesters at the Worcestershire hunt meet in Droitwich.

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26-12-2003 23:57

Saddam Hussein. IS he just another in a long line of brutal dictators held up as examples by Western leaders to deflect from the abuse of human rights from all quarters?

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Peace Porridge #36: 24 December 2003 - Juvenile Justice In Iraq

26-12-2003 20:42

Things were different before the invasion! Liberation? Hardly! Terrorize? Absolutely! What possible chance is there to bring about peace in Iraq with storm trooper tactics against school children and teachers? The fact that some of these children have chosen Saddam over the soldiers of the US occupational forces must tell you something! It certainly should!

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Getting the indymedia main page back is critical to our movement!

26-12-2003 19:02

Getting the indymedia main page back is critical to our movement! The world is coming apart and going to hell right fast. We need this great connecting resource back now!

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26-12-2003 15:57

The Queens Speech Was Shit Once Again !!!

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The meaning of Saddam's capture

26-12-2003 14:58

The capture of Saddam Hussein, contrary to the US mass media is not a blow against the popular resistance but a major setback to the whole basis for colonial occupation (just like the failure to discover weapons of mass destruction undermined the imperialist pretext for the war).

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Background information about NATO security conference

26-12-2003 13:44

After the unconditional capitulation of Nazi Wehrmacht in 1945, the Western Allies USA, Great Britain and France decided that Western Germany, as a state at the border of the “communist” Eastern block, should play a key role in „defence”. This role could only be fulfilled by the re-construction of a German army. So, in 1956, the new Western-German army, called “Bundeswehr”, was founded; already one year before, Western Germany had become member of the NATO. From now on, the Western German army should be well integrated into the western-capitalist coalition.

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Investigation against Indymedia Israel has turned into intimidation

26-12-2003 11:01

Police investigators are attempting to throw responsibility on Indymedia Israel’s operators, for publications appearing in the “open publishing zone” of the website. This is done illegally and against the recommendations of a professional committee of the Israel Ministry of Justice.

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'Super-TB' created by scientists

26-12-2003 09:40

Yeah ain't it great a new super TB by accident imagine what these shit heads can do when they really put their minds to it . new funky strains of AIDS and SMALL POX as required by NWO ....
With Nazis like Bayer looking after our GM foods , sure they can earn a few bucks on the side creating super strains of deadly viruses and plagues ..

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The Mad Cow in Iraq (by Latuff)

26-12-2003 06:06

Mad Cow
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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26-12-2003 04:49

The Board of Deputies has written to the Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to express its concern regarding a programme called “The Diaspora – Al Shatat” which is a Syrian produced 30-part series broadcast on Al Manar, Hizbollah TV.

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Huntley police held secret Irish blacklist

26-12-2003 02:37

THE police force criticised for its part in the Ian Huntley case kept a secret
list of Irish people in its area, regardless of whether they were suspected of
breaking the law.

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26-12-2003 02:01


An Analysis of Direct Action at the November 2003 F.T.A.A. Ministerial


It was almost a miracle, not to mention a victory for our movement, that the mobilization in Miami happened at all. Miami was one of the most repressive police states North America has ever witnessed; the $8.5 million security plan, funded by federal anti-terrorism dollars, fortified an already incredibly brutal police force. In the days leading up to the event, paramilitary police stood guard on every downtown corner, arresting anyone who looked like they might be a protester. The media engaged in a smear campaign of lies and slander about anarchists, lionizing the police force that was to protect the city from these invading beasts. Plans for the protest seemed to grow murkier rather than clearer as the event approached. Many expected the worst.

Not to be deterred, anarchists entered a city with no infrastructure for direct action and set one up in a mere few weeks. The convergence and welcome centers, the legal, medical, and food support, the independent media and art spaces—these expressions of mutual aid, solidarity, and gift economics were living examples of the world we are fighting for. This infrastructure, pulled together in such a short period of time, was comparable to analogous structures that have taken months and even years to set up in cities that regularly host mobilizations. Our ability to put down such roots in the face of such repression is a moving example of the strength of our movement.

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The Fascist Labour State

26-12-2003 00:41

The British State withdraws its wherewithal
This is serious, man

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CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: US Fate In Hands of Supreme Court's Sandra Day O'Connor

26-12-2003 00:14

Whether she likes the position or not, Sandra Day O'Connor, America's first woman Supreme Court justice has been shoved onto history's stage, front and center with a vote that will decide whether America remains a democracy for and by the people and ultimately if he world remains free from corporate tyranny.

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25-12-2003 19:22

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.0MB) and quick download (3.1MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Spain, Russia, China, and Cuba.

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NO TO THE CONSTITUTION of a Europe of capital and war

25-12-2003 16:05

To organise a Front of NO has become a task of high-priority for the anti-globalization movement and all the European anti-capitalist forces, in particular with the prospect of referendums to be held in each state next year. These consultations offer a magnificent opportunity to call on youth, workers and oppressed nationalities to show a massive rejection to this reactionary Europe.

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Marx and Engels, The British Working Class and the Labour Party

25-12-2003 15:54

Although we, along with our fathers and grandfathers, have paid a high price for the Christian socialism, woolly pacifism, wordy radicalism and Fabian reformism that came into the Labour Party from the capitalist class and dominated its leadership, the real history of the Labour Party and the lessons from it are vital for workers today.

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THE MAD COWboyS (by Latuff)

25-12-2003 15:18

Mad Cows
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Hunt Sabbing from London on Boxing Day - update

25-12-2003 12:18

Updated collection times, and full contact details. Also benefit gig in the evening in Brixton.