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Bilston Glen Anti Bypass Film

24-08-2003 18:01

Since the 12th of June 2002 Bilston Glen has been occupied & fortified by an ever expanding group of environmental activists.

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Art Expo at Gloucester Green

24-08-2003 16:52

There is a great expo by local artist Charlie Holmes at Gloucester Green.

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Caracas in red

24-08-2003 12:52

In Venezuela, this week opposition and left have demonstrated against or for the government. Today, this Saturday, Caracas was a sea in red.

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Andrew Smith MP for Oxford East asked to Condemn Racism

24-08-2003 12:40

Andrew Smith is the MP for East Oxford and a cabinet minister. I have just sent him the letter below asking him to condemn the racism that is being expressed about asylum seekers in relation to the new asylum centre in Bicester.

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Resistance in Palestine

24-08-2003 10:12

As the ceasefire in Palestine comes to a seemingly crashing halt, the worlds media predictably points the finger at the Palestinian groups for the failure of agreement. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades among others are blackened in the eyes of the world once more as the international community yet again looks on with impotence

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Calling on British Asian activists

24-08-2003 09:19

India Indymedia has been over-run by violent, anti-Muslim extremists. I am getting together a group to call for India IMC's relaunch. It is in the interest of activists in the South Asian diaspora to give support.

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Arms Dealers Chased Through City Centre

24-08-2003 01:03

Arms dealer in Sheffield
A pair of arms dealers wielding a massive gun were pursued through Sheffield City centre by the Sheffield Samba Band yesterday.

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CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: Best Antidote to Bush Reich: an Anti-Indifference Vaccine?

23-08-2003 22:56

Due to their laziness and indifference, most Americans have failed to learn about any philosophical point of view but their own. And most don't even go that far (just try questioning the average citizen closely about the contents of the Constitution - even the Cliff Notes version!). Instead, there is the vague but firmly held "belief" that God likes us best. Based on what, it is hard to determine.

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Bouncer Hospitalises Youth.

23-08-2003 20:14

On the night of 22nd of August 2003 a visitor to sheffield enjoying a night out with freinds is hospitalised by a bouncer at the Leadmill nightclub. This article is one persons personal account of the night.

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Liverpool Care Homes 'To Close Doors'

23-08-2003 18:05

CARE home bosses yesterday threatened to close its doors to new residents as the row over funding escalated.

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Discussion for parents, teachers, and concerned people...

23-08-2003 17:07

a doorway...
Ground floor educational reform, discussion, and debate...

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zionists poised to ban children's book

23-08-2003 14:41

Jewish pressure groups are calling on a publisher to withdraw a
children's book about a Palestinian boy growing up amid the intifada
on the West Bank.

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Chester STWC

23-08-2003 14:36

Chester STWC

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community garden

23-08-2003 14:28

Community Garden Open

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National Front in Oxfordshire

23-08-2003 12:22

Below is a worrying article about the increased activity of national front in Oxfordshire, that I found in this weeks oxford times.

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Stop Sequani Animal Testing!

23-08-2003 11:39

Vivisection stinks! How does anyone justify force feeding cleaning products and other industrial chemicals to animals just to see what will happen?

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23-08-2003 11:08

A Rant resulting from listening to BBC broadcast about the proposed European Constitution.
I do not say here that the Constitution should be formed only be elected representatives, but that would be a start. If they wanted to ensure Peace, Europe would disolve itself and its constituent parts would apply to join Switzerland. Otherwise the politicians are all warmongers.

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Homeless figures in Liverpool!

23-08-2003 09:55

Social cleansing is on the cards for poor folk and people who are part of what the dominant culture call the benefit culture. Poor people in Liverpool face the reality of being shunted around the region of Merseyside like cattle, as they are regetoised in areas, which are not important to the city centre gentrification.

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British rats flee sinking Baghdad ship

23-08-2003 08:47

The British embassy compound in Baghdad has been evacuated following a "credible threat" of attack

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23-08-2003 06:26

Mumia is in bad health.