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Dispatch from Peace Delegation in Iraq

29-08-2002 08:59

*More Bombings in Iraq as U.S.-British Warplanes Hit Mosul
and Suburb of Baghdad on Tuesday*

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Video of symbolic wedding between UN and big business

29-08-2002 08:23

Video of symbolic wedding between UN and big business
Click on the link to watch the video. Protestors staged a symbolic wedding outside Westminister Abbey, London, to show how hand in hand the UN and big business are these days. Duration 2 mins 20 secs.

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Stop Esso Day

29-08-2002 08:07

Stop Esso Day
Video showing how Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and other groups stopped motorists using Esso on Stop Esso Day 2002. 2 mins 20 secs.

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29-08-2002 01:39

A synopis of how they track us on the web - and some suggestions for better security

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Ethical business: is it really that ethical?

28-08-2002 23:34

A critique of so-called 'ethical business' and 'ethical capitalism' using the most famous of 'ethical' compaines, The Body Shop, as an example.

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Nazis ask to share cells with sex offenders/paedophiles

28-08-2002 22:24

NF RACISTS David Norris and Neil Acourt, asked to be moved to VPU in belmarsh prison.

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Why is "Blair's junket to Rio + 10" not a feature here too?

28-08-2002 21:43

ON there is an excellent feature on is "Blair's junket to Rio + 10"

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28-08-2002 20:46

News You Can Use

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Lancaster university expansion voted through

28-08-2002 17:44

Lancaster City Council have now voted through the 1750 residencies expansion. Call for protest camp to be set up.

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Titnore update

28-08-2002 17:28

POLICE in Worthing, Sussex, are continuing to bully people opposed to the destruction of ancient Titnore Woods by property developers - now they have sent out recorded delivery letters.

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Video of Stop Esso Day

28-08-2002 16:36

Video showing how Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and other groups stopped motorists using Esso on Stop Esso Day 2002. (article 1)

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G8 IN EVIAN (visit photos)

28-08-2002 16:04

G8 IN EVIAN (visit photos)
a few photos to make your self an idea about the next G8 meeting area in Evian (france) By the Geneva's lake...

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28-08-2002 15:37

as you all know (or don't know) adidas shoe companu has started making shoes out of kangaroo skin!

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protest! solidarity with protestors at earth summit

28-08-2002 15:33

As the people on the street march to shut down the hypocrites in the earth summit join this solidarity protest at Anglo American, Pall Mall, London 2 sept

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Shock: Something Interesting On Telly!

28-08-2002 14:08

One Year On: The Meyssan Conspiracy Channel: Channel 4
Date: Tuesday 03 September Time: 11:05pm to 11:40pm

Documentary examining French author Thierry Meyssan's shocking theory that the terrorist strikes of September 11 were not carried out by al-Qaeda but were the result of a plot by sinister forces inside the US government designed to justify attacks against Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Blairism foreseen 50 years ago ! (text)

28-08-2002 13:53

A while ago I found a text written in 1957, which seems to confirm the notion of Blairism as inherent in Labourism. For this reason, it remains relevant and needs to be considered. I tried to post it a couple of times without success, which I hope was NOT as the result of the IMC and any Labour sympathies they may personally hold...

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'Mac Attack' Produces Famine Aid

28-08-2002 12:34

Stung by sharp attacks on its new "McAfrika" sandwich, McDonald's of Norway has agreed to print and distribute information about the famine in Southern Africa.

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Colchester Radical Centre update

28-08-2002 11:38

We were all in court today and dispite our best efforts the ignorant right wing bastard judge Molle gave a posession order to capita. So this is the end of the road - or is it?

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Freedom for Jaime Yovanovic Prieto!

28-08-2002 11:09

Send protest letters to the South African authorities!

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Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty

28-08-2002 09:49