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Nazis ask to share cells with sex offenders/paedophiles

clodaghvandervan | 28.08.2002 22:24

NF RACISTS David Norris and Neil Acourt, asked to be moved to VPU in belmarsh prison.

BNP/NF nazi activists David Norris and Neil Acourt, have taken refuge in the sex offenders wing in Belmarsh prison, they requested to be transfered to the Vunerable prisoners unit, with sex offenders, paedophiles and touts. So much for the brave upstanding citizen aryan youths, we know who your real mates are paedophiles, sex offenders and touts, lowlife scumbags like yourselves. David Norris and Neil Acourt were implicated in the racist murder of stephen lawrence, which was bungled by the metropolitan policeman Johnathan McIvor, whose father is notorious right wing hanging judge Basil McIvor school governor of Lagan college integrated college. A teacher at lagan college had to apologise to a coloured pupil, after telling him to go back to where he came from.



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