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Titnore update

porkbolter | 28.08.2002 17:28

POLICE in Worthing, Sussex, are continuing to bully people opposed to the destruction of ancient Titnore Woods by property developers - now they have sent out recorded delivery letters.

POLICE in Worthing, Sussex, are continuing to bully people opposed to the destruction of ancient Titnore Woods by property developers.
In the run-up to next Sunday's letter delivery to landowner Mr Somerset, the police sent a letter by recorded delivery to at least three local people who had attended the previous protest.
The letter from A/Chief Inspector (Operations) R Whitfield to the Worthing man, dated August 23, began: "As you may be aware, a protest has been advertised for Sunday 1st September 2002, meeting at the 'Coach and Horses', Arundel Road, Durrington, at 1.00pm. This is a protest against the development of housing in the Titnore Lane area.
"Sussex Police is aware that you are one of those who feel strongly about this issue and attended a previous protest on Sunday 26th May 2002 at Titnore Lane."
It added, in somewhat garbled English: "Sussex Police strongly urge you, if you are an organiser, or can tell us who the organiser of the event is, who can contact the organisation on 0845 60 70 999 and ask to be put through to the Highdown Planning Department. In any case, police officers will attempt to speak to you on the day of the protest to ensure you are aware of how this demonstration can best be facilitated."
The previous week two plain clothes police from the Divisional Crime Unit had turned up at the home of a woman who helps produce The Porkbolter. It remains unclear what "crime" they were investigating.
Said a spokesman for The Porkbolter: "The police seem to think they have the right to treat ordinary citizens expressing their point of view as suspected criminals. As far as we are concerned the biggest crime likely to be committed in Durrington over the next few years is the destruction, for profit, of the irreplaceable ancient woodland and green fields at Titnore. The police are, once again, completely out of step with public opinion
and are doing nothing for their standing in the Worthing community by their hostile approach to the Titnore campaign."
Anyone wishing to join the September 1 letter-delivering event, for which fancy dress is named as an optional fun extra, should meet at 1pm at the Coach and Horses on the A27 Arundel Road - just at the western edge of the (current) built-up area.
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