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Nanotech industry front group use Indymedia to talk to angels

15-12-2004 14:02

Nanotech industry front, group Institute of Nanotechnology have taken to using the UK Indymedia Newswire in an attempt to make contact with "Angels Against Nanotechnology".

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GREECE: Another trial for conscientious objector Lazaros Petromelidis

15-12-2004 13:25

WRI Logo
Lazaros Petromelidis needs your solidarity!

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the worth of petrol

15-12-2004 13:14

the reason for the iraq war, and any war at large.

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BAe blockaded in Edinburgh

15-12-2004 13:11

Glasgow Anti War Action struck for the second day in a row yesterday when they blockaded BAe System's factory in Edinburgh. This is the facility at which they make components for cluster bombs. On Monday, the same network were involved in shutting down Weir Pumps for pillaging Iraq, and because of their connections with Halliburton.

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Bin the Bid action

15-12-2004 12:51

the banner
People (who will neither confirm nor deny whether they're students or not) disrupted a 2012 'Back the Bid' presentation last night at the University of London Union last night.

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15-12-2004 12:40

Missile defence shield test fails
A target missile that was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base leaves a blue light over the night sky in California, 7 July 2000.
The Pentagon blamed the test failure on an.............

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The Glorious Dead

15-12-2004 12:27

Fallujah in Pictures, that you won't see on CNN.

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Naomi Klein Audio: The Corporate Invasion of Iraq (69mins)

15-12-2004 11:45

Naomi Klein audio (69 mins) from talk on the corporate rape and pillage of Iraq, from:

Making a Killing: The Corporate Invasion of Iraq
London Wednesday the 24th of November
Friends Meeting House

AUDIO: 69 mins 16 meg 32 kbps


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The Revolution will not be yanquiized

15-12-2004 08:15

A poem for the workers. please copy, distribute and post.

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Blunkett names kite as B52 base terror weapon

15-12-2004 06:44

Blackhawk Helicopter defends RAF Fairford from the Kite Menace
David Blunkett testified to Parliament on Monday that Fairford protesters were found in possession of... a KITE.

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Not Another Distraction Caption

15-12-2004 00:02

Not Another Distraction Caption: Is someone trying to replace reports of world events with "drivel" meant only to distract? I don't mean to offend, but we do have a war to stop and a world to liberate! Calling all revolutionaries and others who may wish to survive the neocons. U.S. out of Iraq! jamie

It is very hard to get any idea of what is going on in Iraq through the U.S. corporate media. The “official” death count of U.S. troops is now 1297. These articles from give a different view of the continuing and expanding disaster in that tortured and illegally occupied nation......

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The Louvre for all !

14-12-2004 22:39

The renowned Louvre Museum of Paris has cancelled its policy of free admission for artists, teachers, and foreign art students.

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Anti - G8 roadshow comes to liverpool

14-12-2004 21:45

On friday 10th December the anti - G8 TRAPESE roadshow came to liverpool as part of the Felt the Strain night at the Hevn 'n' Hell

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More Remembrance - Less War

14-12-2004 20:44

Support the broadbased, non-aligned, global "Remembrance: Once a year is not enough" campaign to deepen and extend Remembrance to encourage reflection, information-sharing, learning and actions around the eleventh of EVERY month "...because, as yet, we are neither remembering or learning enough to stop it happening". Here, we are posting a Faslane Peace Camp press release, some Eisenhower speech, and some breaking news.

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14-12-2004 18:29

Yesterday, Monday the 13th of December, Constant and Co.s office in Bedford was picketed by Gypsy Travellers and their supporters to protest their violent eviction of sites.

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No 2 ID [picture poster]

14-12-2004 18:24

today i received a phone call from the labour party
it was a cold call asking me who i would be voting for.
I told the nice lady on the phone that i will never and never have
supported totalitarianism in any form

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Done up like kippers in Brighton!

14-12-2004 16:54

Six Activists from London and Brighton were on trial this week for obstructing the access road into EDO/MBM Technology, a factory producing bomb-release mechanisms and tank diagnostic systems for the US/UK and Lockheed Martin. Protesters planned to use the case as a platform to allow victims of attacks using similar equipment in Iraq and Palestine to give evidence in court, Brighton magistrates had other ideas

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working structures

14-12-2004 16:50

how to keep your job
structures at work, in graphics

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Band Aid 20 - The Real Story

14-12-2004 16:27

Do they really give a fuck at all’ is the CD released by the Free the World Collective. The CD is a response from the anti-capitalist movement with several spoof versions of the Band-Aid 20 single, a song almost beyond parody. Diverse in their messages and themes, the songs are about understanding that we don’t exist separately from the “world outside our window”, that we are all part of that world and have the power to change it.

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War Crimes charges filed against Rumsfeld in Germany?

14-12-2004 16:17

Donald Rumsfeld and several other high-ranking US officials could be tried in Germany for war crimes committed in Iraq.