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BAe blockaded in Edinburgh

glasgow anti war action | 15.12.2004 13:11 | Anti-militarism | World

Glasgow Anti War Action struck for the second day in a row yesterday when they blockaded BAe System's factory in Edinburgh. This is the facility at which they make components for cluster bombs. On Monday, the same network were involved in shutting down Weir Pumps for pillaging Iraq, and because of their connections with Halliburton.

9 activists were locked on, and three gates closed at the BAe factory. Severe disruption resulted though no arrests were made. The activists remained for over three hours until the traffic began to flow through another gate, and the activists decided to move on, with the pledge that this was just the start of a new campaign of direct action targeting war profiteers in Scotland. Weir and BAe can look out...

Workers were very supportive at Weir, but we cant say the same about BAe where workers didnt take our leaflets, and some threatened to assault activists but were prevented by the police presence...the irony!

There has once again been extensive coverage in the mainstream scottish press.

Once again, Faslane Peace Camp activists were involved. Please visit FPC which needs visitors urgently. Ring 01436 820901 or email

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