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More Remembrance - Less War

xlegion | 14.12.2004 20:44 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Culture | World

Support the broadbased, non-aligned, global "Remembrance: Once a year is not enough" campaign to deepen and extend Remembrance to encourage reflection, information-sharing, learning and actions around the eleventh of EVERY month "...because, as yet, we are neither remembering or learning enough to stop it happening". Here, we are posting a Faslane Peace Camp press release, some Eisenhower speech, and some breaking news.

In support of the worldwide, all-inclusive campaign to extend and deepen Remembrance with "reflection, learning, information-sharing and actions" around the eleventh of EVERY month, we are posting Faslane Peace Camps wonderfully titled, brief press release for this years 11/11 (also handed in to the Trident nuclear warhead submarine base - across the road(!)- on the Sunday -as a gesture of respect and mutuality), and a couple of the less well known paragraphs from the U.S. Republican President (and WW2 general) Eisenhower's famous 1961 "military industrial complex" speech.
It might not mention oil or "high" finance, but it seems particularly timely given whats starting to unravel, bigtime, stateside. All the best to everyone there in the days to come... (interesting tmes!) don't wait for the inaugural!... strength when you need it.
And a couple of latest news updates, some background, and pointers to round off.
Better Remembrance, less War.
"All religions and none" "All parties and none"
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FPC press release 10/11/4 and 13/11/4


Faslane Peace Camp today called for there to be NO DISRUPTIVE ACTIONS on this Remembrance Sunday, worldwide.
Faslane Peace Camp would also like to make it clear that - along with the rest of the peace movement - pacifist and non-pacifist alike - we fully support the two minute silence on Remembrance Sunday (and on the eleventh itself).
"If anything - we should be extending Remembrance, and including terrorism and the covert "wars in peace" in our remembrance, since, as yet, we are neither remembering or learning enough to stop it happening - and we AT LEAST owe THAT to the casualties of the "War to End All Wars" - and all those since - and to ourselves."
"Perhaps that old stone wreath up on the Cenotaph - signifying "all religions and none" - might be the lifebelt we ALL need - now - more than ever before."
"We join the call for remembrance, reflection, learning and actions around the eleventh of EVERY month afterwards - worldwide."
(quotes attributable to Pat Freeborn, speaking from the camp)
We would also like to remind people that the entire peace movement - through CND - supported the British Legions campaign to re-extend the Silence to two minutes in 1995.
(journalists note: see Daily Mail editorial of the period (!) Since at the time CND had 95% support in it's campaign against French nuclear testing in the Pacific, this did make an appreciable difference - it helped!)
We also welcome the forming of groups like "Military Families against the War", similar initiatives (formal and informal) and new alliances (declared and undeclared!).
"It is all too important now that we are not divided."

Faslane Peace Camp , Shandon , Helensburgh , Dunbartonshire , Scotland , G84 8NT
O1436 820 901


We mut guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
The total influence - economic, political, even spiritual - is felt in every city, every state house, every office of the federal government.
We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or our democratic processes.
We should take nothing for granted.

(ike was right)

One of the themes for this part of the year - and the next few months - in the worldwide "eleventh of EVERY month" remembrance campaign, apart from the "new years resolution" and "peace on earth and goodwill to all" (...actually a quote from the constitution of the American Legion after WW1...we should mean it as much now as they did then...) was "voices from inside the war machine" , but instead of a quote from another republican general, such as General L.Butler (SAC), or General S.D.Butler(Marines 1933), we thought we'd allow the last military quote of this piece to this guy:

...a vietnam veteran, enraged and shouting, on local radio in Columbus, Ohio: "... I don't care who won, I WANT MY VOTE COUNTED...ITS WHAT I FOUGHT FOR, AND ITS WHAT I MIGHT HAVE DIED FOR..."
december 10th, 2004, from the Columbus Free Press (
a local "alternative" newspaper (ie with less sponsors and more
integrity and persistence, it seems!) that is now helping americans - of all parties and none - realise that the Ohio election result is both "wrong" - in DELIBERATE and SYSTEMATIC ways - and INDICATIVE...