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UK Entertaiment Tax

08-01-2003 18:36

There is a proposed new law currently going through parliament that will
affect anyone who plays live in the UK. For any public entertainment, the
venue will have to buy a license and the artist will be held criminally
liable if there is no license or it is not correct!

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Is "Jenin, Jenin" being screened in UK?

08-01-2003 16:11

Would be interesting to watch

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New racist UK Immigration Law implemented today

08-01-2003 15:05

UK Government to leave thousands of refugees homeless and hungry

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Bush and Nazism

08-01-2003 14:40

Flash movie drawing interesting comparisons between two Bush and the other Li'l Dictator

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Shrink Rap

08-01-2003 14:10

There is no shame in seeking treatment for mental illness... what's holding Bush back?

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US anti-terror 'No-Fly" blacklists target Green Party & Christian pacifists

08-01-2003 13:13

'Blacklist Grounds American Passengers' Under the rubric of airline security, the US government has established a No-Fly List to harass, frustrate, delay, and forbid the travel of more than 1,000 citizens. Will you be added to the List? By Frederick Sweet

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800 people Call For Conscientious Objection to War and War Preparations

08-01-2003 13:12

800 signatures for WRI's "Say No!" statement.

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'Run, Eli, Run!': Notes on the Hackney Siege

08-01-2003 12:14

The Hackney Siege is now in its fourteenth day. Locals Matthew Hyland and Jamie king sample the fallout of preventative urban policing.

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Genoa police 'admit fabrication'

08-01-2003 11:49

Some 200 people were hurt during the two-day summit
Italian media have been publishing transcripts of an
inquiry into the policing of the 2001 Genoa G8 summit
in which officers admit fabricating evidence against

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Gulf Veterans make dire warning over use of DU weapons in Iraq

08-01-2003 09:11

A Two Part Warning to the Citizens for the World: "Do
Not Use Depleted Uranium Munitions Again"

Dr. Doug Rokke, Former U.S. Army's DU team health
physicist Former U.S. Army's DU Project Director
George Angus Parker, Formerly Sgt with the 1st Field
Laboratory Unit, Biological-Warfare Detection Unit.
Porton Down. Great Britain

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We let them get away with it

08-01-2003 06:57

an orchestrated event to finally grasp full control

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08-01-2003 06:40

Brigadier General Says Israel Is The Problem, Not Iraq

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Pro-Zionist Spin

08-01-2003 04:08

Pro-Israelis have won the propoganda war.

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07-01-2003 23:13

Update on WOMBLES events for the new year...

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G8 inquiry: Diaz schoop up-dates

07-01-2003 23:12

What really happend in the Diaz school raid

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Help Get This Call To Conscience From Veterans Out

07-01-2003 18:02

It is far easier to reach the troops before they deploy with this message.

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Direct action against war at RAF base

07-01-2003 13:38

ANTI-WAR protesters were arrested on Sunday after breaking into the U.S. Airbase at Mildenhall.

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Straw admits its about OIL stupid!

07-01-2003 12:28

The foreign secretary, Jack Straw, yesterday pinpointed for the first time security of energy sources as a key priority of British foreign policy

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War will mean disaster, says leaked UN report

07-01-2003 10:42

A leaked UN document analyzes the humanitarian consequences of war with Iraq

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New Class War Website

07-01-2003 09:56

New Year, New Website!