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Arooga! Help needed now - Ancient Woodland being felled

04-02-2004 11:09

Ancient Woodland is being felled NOW outside Blackwood, nr Cardiff, Cymru, to make an access road for an MoD site. The onfo below sent by someone on site. Chainsaws active NOW.

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Tom Hurndall Investigation Expanded (Press Release)

04-02-2004 10:16

Investigation by the Metropolitan Police is now being expanded to cover the James Miller with a broader remit of exploring the systemic nature of the killings.

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Want to give Geoff Hoon some advice?

04-02-2004 10:13

Vacancy has arisen

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Muerte del Planeta Tierra-Diez horas con la globalización(google)

04-02-2004 09:31

Oscar Sánchez Fernández de la Vega (google). Autor del libro " Diez Horas con la Globalización"(google, amazon, foro-los retos de la globalización,,, netbiblo, yahoo.....)

Globalización y productividad versus ecología –“Diez horas con la globalización

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Bristol-Stop-The-War Newsletter : 4th February 2004

04-02-2004 03:22

GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION : SAT 20th MARCH : Section 9 For Bristol Details.

NEW FREE SERVICE : A paper version of this newsletter is now available to
download. Please print copies & give/sell them to people who don't have email.

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Slaying The Beast Before The Election Is Canceled

04-02-2004 00:53

The Bush administration is guilty of so many crimes that they don’t dare give up the grips of power. The seriousness of their crimes rivals those brought to trial at Nuremberg. Every single senior member of this administration is guilty of war crimes, war mongering and crimes against humanity.

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New operation Trident idea

04-02-2004 00:12

A new idea for strengthening the battle against gun crime

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March against a new generation of nuclear weapons - March to Aldermaston 2004

03-02-2004 23:00

March against a new generation of nuclear weapons - March to Aldermaston 2004

Oxford to Aldermaston Youth March, 10th - 12th April 2004
All welcome!

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Ghassan Tueni: Sharon's Ouster is the Only Insurance Against "Apocalyptic War"

03-02-2004 22:53

"Ariel Sharon must go to spare the Middle East - and the universe – an imminent nuclear catastrophe, Ghassan Tueni opined in his weekly editorial in An Nahar Monday. "

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roads action at blackwood more info

03-02-2004 22:21

direct action at blackwood happening now. more background and details. camp being set up whilst others stop work- this is being effective but we need numbers. in order to get ancient woodland defended properly we need climbers tat and lots of nice sorted people NOW.
main text below has further background - eg road a PFI costain/ carillion scheme etcand a bit of a rant about roads oil war and that.

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Blackwood Anti-Road Campaign News

03-02-2004 19:34

Update of campaign against road through ancient woods

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A letter to nowhere!

03-02-2004 19:28

A woman who lives in my community sent this letter to me today by email. Her house is under threat of demolition along with at least an other thopusand houses in my community. She does not know which way to turn. She knows that it is useless turning to the left because the left don’t care about local issues. They are firmly entrenched in international issues. Don’t get me wrong, international issues are very important, but what is going to happen to this lady and a thousand other people in my community when they come to knock our houses down?

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Organising an alternative to the ESF-UK

03-02-2004 18:40

The official ESF-UK has proved to be a sham which is going nowhere.... but now we have criticised what do we do?

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MYG Industrials, Hereford - Making prisons for lab animals

03-02-2004 18:35

MYG Industrials of Hereford let slip to People Against Cruelty to Animals - West Midlands at a demo at their factory yesterday that thay make the cages and panels for the pens that hold the animals that are waiting to die at Sequani vivisection laboratories in Ledbury, Herefordshire. PACA was unaware of how much blood they had on their hands. Now its apparent. At Sequani ltd Dogs, Rabbits, Pigs, Mice, Guinea pigs and Rats await death and necropsy executed by the twisted profit driven vivisectors.

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:::NETSTRIKE against NATO's security conference in Munich !!::

03-02-2004 18:18

Netstrike !!! In order to support the demonstrations against the NATO's security conference in Munich.The NATO Conference on Security Policy is a conference organized by a private person called Horst Teltschik, former advisor of Helmut Kohl,
former Manager of BMW and now an employee at Boeing, one of the biggest
weapons manufacturers in the world.

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MyDoom - the most sucessful anti-globalisation action ever??

03-02-2004 17:37

MyDoom - the most sucessful anti-globalisation action ever??

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Palestine: The Hour Before Dawn

03-02-2004 17:32

A British traveller in Palestine reports again on his experiences of the occupation.

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Physicians for Human Rights: Update from Israel

03-02-2004 17:25

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel


1 February 2004

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Vigil against tuition fees in Cambridge

03-02-2004 15:01

The Cambridge University Student Union continue their protests against tuition fees.

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11 caskets of German spent fuel rods moving to Sellafield and La Hague

03-02-2004 13:54

German anti-nuclear activists report that 11 Castor caskets of spent nuclear fuel are to be railed into France today (Tuesday) and tomorrow en route to processing plants in La Hague, France, and Sellafield, England.