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MILAN Arrested in Piazza Loreto, twenty neofascist militants & Roberto Fiore

27-03-2010 15:01

FIORE on the police van
Right in Piazzale Loreto then in postwar Milan (1945) the body of Mussolini hung by his feet, was exhibited along with that of Claretta Petacc

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More jail terms for Gaza protesters

27-03-2010 14:16

26th March 2010 – Lizzie Cocker in Isleworth

Police hide video evidence from defence lawyers.

Two more youngsters charged with violent disorder during last year’s protests against Israel’s two-week massacre of the Gazan people have been handed harsh jail terms.

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Are Americans Really Funding the Tories?

27-03-2010 12:16

The Upcoming election will be vicious. Made more so by the Internet. The Conservative Party is being lauded as the best users of their Web presence. The Tories seem to think the Internet is their own private army. Closer investigation begins to reveal worrying connections with American Oil and anti-healthcare campaigns. Have the Tories made promises we will regret them keeping?

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UK KFA Statement on US imperialism's Germ Warfare in Korea

27-03-2010 09:15

New evidence has come to light confirming the DPRK's case that the US used biological
weapons during the 1950-1953 war

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Pornography of Suffering

26-03-2010 17:46

The American mentality seems hopelessly rooted in the gutter, keenly attuned to tales of rape and bestiality but supremely indifferent to the elementary facts of life and history. The current genocide in Congo is as little known as that country’s previous holocaust, at the hands of the Belgians, more than a century ago.

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Constructive anti-election protest

26-03-2010 17:19

Update of our appeal for a "none of the above" ballot combined with a protest and demand for genuine citizen-led democracy. Clarification of electoral regulations for "spoilt ballots" available on request.

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BNP candidates in the East Midlands

26-03-2010 16:45

The BNP are putting up a lot of candidates for parliamentary elections in the region this year. Here's a list of those confirmed so far.

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Manchester Class Struggle Forum, meeting on unions

26-03-2010 16:40

The Manchester Class Struggle Forum are holding their second meeting on Thursday 1st April.

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What does Climate Justice mean in Europe?

26-03-2010 15:11

This discussion paper was drafted by a working group at the CJA meeting in Amsterdam in February 2010. Its purpose is to collectively explore the concept of climate justice in the context of Europe. Through providing this discussion paper as both incomplete and unending, we hope it will be useful as a tool in linking the diverse struggles throughout Europe and elsewhere, and strengthen the collective movement towards our visions of the future.

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Palestine campaigners threatened with legal gag

26-03-2010 13:50

March 29th will see the resumption in an Edinburgh court of an extraordinary trial with disturbing implications for freedom of expression and campaigners for Palestinian rights.

Back in August 2008, five members of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign disrupted an Edinburgh performance of the Jerusalem Quartet, who are promoted and indeed contracted to act as official ambassadors of the Israeli state and specifically the Israel Defence Forces. The protesters shouted “End the siege of Gaza”, “Boycott Israel”, “Israel is an apartheid state”, “Stand up for human rights” and similar slogans, were detained by security guards, handed over to the police and charged with a breach of the peace.

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Eviction Resistance dub party - Black cat Centre - Tomorrow!

26-03-2010 13:32

Today saw 40 people gear up to resist eviction from the Black cat Community social centre in Bath which has been a well used community resource in severakl different buildings since october '09. With 20 gathering outside, 15 resisting inside and 5 locked on on the roof, and loads of support from passers by. The bailiffs never showed - but when they do, we'll be ready for them! To celebrate, we're having a dub night tomorrow night -

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Big Pharma spies on World Health Organisation

26-03-2010 08:43

Big Pharma received documnets obtained from a "confidential source" well before member governments of the WHO did. According to wikileaks

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UK Company Exporting from Jordan Valley Settlements

26-03-2010 05:30

Illegal settlement trading: another company exposed.

For picture evidence, visit

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Forthcoming Nottingham Animal Rights Events

26-03-2010 01:54

Another action packed fortnight, and more, from Nottm Animal Rights.

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Charges dropped against KuDOs Pharmaceuticals Protesters

26-03-2010 01:46

Despite the police's best efforts, peaceful protest will go unpunished this time!

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UN Human Rights Council adopts 5 resolutions against Israel

26-03-2010 01:03

Israeli ambassador gestures during the UN Human Rights Council session on 24 Mar
The UN Human Rights Council has roundly condemned Israel in resolutions tabled under the agenda item 7, “Human Rights Situation in Palestine and Other Occupied Arab Territories”. Five resolutions have been adopted against Israel, amounting to the greatest number of condemnatory resolutions on a single country.

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Immigrants in Italy - victims of murder and violence

26-03-2010 00:15

In the photo, young Abdul Salam Guibre, known as Abba, victim of racial hatred
It is no coincidence that the anti-immigrant, anti-Roma policies are put forward as policies for legality, security and against social and urban decay. It is a media strategy which also prevents the news getting out of Italy about the climate of racism that is now present on all levels of society. And this is one of the tasks our group has taken upon itself: to stop a curtain of silence and disinformation falling on the tragedy of racial violence and abuse.

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Mock the Election

25-03-2010 21:31

All elections are a JOKE: let’s treat them with the contempt they deserve. In 18th Century South London thousands used to gather to take the piss out of general Elections. Lets revive this fine old tradition!

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Italy- Extreme Right Party "Too many Asian shops" and makes the obituary traders

25-03-2010 20:16

FN racist obituary poster
Extreme Right Party (Roberto Fiore) Forza Nuova in Northern Italy: "Too many Asian shops" and makes the obituary traders