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Government education turning things up-side d

23-03-2002 14:58

How is it possible, that with a lower education you are able to judge at Finland, than it takes to graduate from university?

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23-03-2002 14:15

The Nigeria people have today gone on strike . We don't know at as today how long it will last. But the people have resolve NO GO BACK UNTIL THEIR DEMANDS ARE REACHED.

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Public Resource Page

23-03-2002 14:07

Up to date anarchist,anti-war,animal rights links...

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2 million march in Rome!!

23-03-2002 12:22

Reports from Italy IMC say up to 2 million people are
marching in Rome against Berlusconi and Article 18
[the new labour code which gives employers the right
to sack workers without giving a reason]

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a million postcard protest about sellafield

23-03-2002 11:30

It will not be ignored

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Barcelona protests sucessfull

23-03-2002 11:26

Riot-hit summit leaves EU leaders a headache

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500 jobs go at faslane

23-03-2002 11:09

drisgruntled workers to help protesters??

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cyborg in oxford

23-03-2002 10:46


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results of Shaylers court case

23-03-2002 10:30

he lost!

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23-03-2002 09:49

Why Fidel departed from Monterrey

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Perú: Revolutionary greetings !

23-03-2002 09:11

Perú: Revolutionary greetings !
Fight the imperialism !

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Binationalism for Peace in the Middle East

23-03-2002 07:20

Binationalism for Peace in the Middle East
liberals and radicals are increasingly turning to the principles of binationalism in search of peace in the Middle East

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Trade Secret: Colombia's Dirty War

23-03-2002 03:33

When his body was recovered, it was clear that Aury Sara Marrugo spent his last hours alive in agony. His gums had been butchered. A blowtorch had been used to sear the flesh under his arms and the soles of his feet. Over 70 small incisions were found on his corpse, and strong acid had been applied to his abdomen. At some point during the savagery, a single bullet was fired at close range into the middle of his face, ending his misery.

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Party Invitation

23-03-2002 00:11

Come celebrate Brian Haw's Three Hundredth night protesting outside the British Parliament.

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Barcelona/Salamanca:Report of problems at the border.

23-03-2002 00:03

Lots of people were refused to cross the Spanish/French border last weekend. Most of them were on their way to the protests in Barcelona, some of them also wanted to go to the forum about education and culture during the meeting of the EU culture ministers in Salamanca.

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More 9-11 data

22-03-2002 22:39

Someone once advised me to leave all this behind and move on. I'd sincerely like to but the whole story keeps following and motivates the central agenda. So once again....

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Crisis looming between US and Russia

22-03-2002 22:22

The Yanks are singing ole glory as they pull us all into the pit.