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NSW Corrective Services Legislation Amendment Bill

28-07-2006 02:16

Access to the same health treatment
General Purposes Standing Committee #3

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Urgent Eco Alert from Lebanon! 10,000 tons of fuel oil spill in the sea

28-07-2006 01:17

Ecological deterioration in Lebanon as a result of the Israeli invasion, and an ecological catastrophe awaiting the Mediterranean shores.

10,000 tons of fuel oil spill, 15,000 tons are expected to spill any time from a burning tank hit by Israeli raids in Jeyieh electric plant.
The damage so far has reached around 70 - 80 km of the Lebanese shore. For map and more info please check

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28-07-2006 01:03

Estudio Livre

Converging recipes…
we’re always ready to cook…

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Parents of children at Yarls' Wood Detention Centre on Hunger strike

28-07-2006 00:50

"We want the Home Office to hear us and free us"

The parents of Sixteen families incarcerated In Yarl's Wood IRC have refused their morning meal they have also refused to send their children to either the school or the nursery.

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Ebanks goes at last - but costs taxpayers a cool £100,000 plus

28-07-2006 00:32

Senior High Court judges have finally got around to confirming that Sharon Ebanks was elected as the first British National Party councillor on Birmingham City Council by mistake, and ordered her replacement by the real winner of the vote in May, Labour's Catherine Grundy.

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US Air Force begins bombing raids in NT!

27-07-2006 23:26

Yankee Go Home!
Out where the river broke, The bloodwood and the desert oak, cockatoos will be wrecked and kangaroo, Stealth in 300,000 degree centigrade bombing raids?

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Protest vigil for Palestine and Lebanon - Saturday 29th July

27-07-2006 21:36

There will be a protest vigil from 12:00pm to 2:00pm at the Carfax end of Cornmarket in central Oxford this Saturday (29th July).

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Help Win New East Oxford Community Garden!

27-07-2006 21:25

A one-off chance exists to create a true community public space & genuine vibe in Dawson Steet off the Cowley Road East Oxford.....
Instead a planning application to turn Dawson Street into an outside cafe and cycle park by local cafe owner has been submitted, despite immediate local objection to the further commercialisation/privatisation of our area. This call to action offers actual potential to make a real difference with one email from you!

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Waiting to Get Blown Up: American Soldies Disillusioned

27-07-2006 20:46

Submitted by yo

Original Publisher:

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US Network Continues To Promote Glaxo

27-07-2006 19:28

In the US some say NPR is National Pentagon Radio while others say
it is National Pharmaceutical Radio

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peace means cynicism

27-07-2006 18:58

expert dissent, that dissents

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Lebanon CEASEFIRE NOW Protest to take place in London on Friday

27-07-2006 18:55

Lebanon Ceasefire Now Protest to take place in London on Friday 28 July, 5pm to 7pm in Whitehall. Please come if you can.

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large lebanon protest at downing street 5pm tomorrow

27-07-2006 18:27

stop the war coalition have called an emergency demonstration at downing street from 5pm - 7pm on friday 28th july

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Gay Hate Shooting In Weston Park

27-07-2006 18:00

Two men were shot at in a homophobic attack in Weston Park on tuesday night.

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27-07-2006 17:15

BRITDOC 2006 took place at Keble College, a place rightly proud of its ancient traditions, BRITDOC is called a documentary film festival, but in fact it’s a summer camp for those involved in the documentary film production industry.

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World War IV: US Plans to Use Nuclear Weapons against Iran

27-07-2006 16:41


Videocast of the presentation to the Perdana Global Peace Forum by Michel Chossudovsky.

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- Captured Israeli soldiers were in Lebanon when clashes happened -

27-07-2006 16:35

Claims that Hezbollah breached Israeli border are false.

Has the media has been lying to us all along to justify the horrific Israeli military action against Lebanon?

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US Vetoes UN Condemnation Of IAF Attack, US Troops Join IDF In Lebanon

27-07-2006 16:05

Remember that while Israel was inciting violence in Gaza by increasingly shelling civilians under Operation Summer Rain, the Olmert Government faked an "investigation" into the murder of a Palestinian family on the beach, which was refuted by independent analyses of the evidence.

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Watch for the latest BNP leaflet shite.

27-07-2006 15:49

Latest BNP leaflets are appearing around east kent,(and elsewhere no doubt) .pls destroy if found and if anyone seen delivering,then perhaps you could help 'stamp' (or do I mean stomp?) it out......

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Nuke Waste Trains & Dungeness stations

27-07-2006 15:35

Following the expose' by the Daily Mirror, Greenpeace have held an action in London and this was printed in local S.E.Kent press regarding Dungeness A & B and the waste trains from there.