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07-03-2003 22:26

THANK FRANCE.....SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Taking or sending flowers to the
French Embassy is a nice way to thank our oldest ally.

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Socialist Historians announce May Conference

07-03-2003 22:10

A conference to mark the 40th Anniversary of the publication of E.P. Thompson's book, The Making of the English Working Class.

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US to put a woman in charge of Baghdad

07-03-2003 22:08

The U.S. has proposed putting a woman in charge of Baghdad.

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Motorways - Stop them

07-03-2003 22:03

If Bush carries out his threat and the standards of Nuremberg applied he and Blair would be hanged.

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American Teen Tried to Unite Jews, Arabs, massacred by Palestinians

07-03-2003 21:57

American Teen Tried to Unite Jews, Arabs, massacred by Palestinians

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Revolutionary Sanity or the Future Impossible?

07-03-2003 21:08

Revolutionary Sanity or the Future Impossible?
US-Euro governments and most people are very sick addicts! The moment to adopt a common-front program of resistance and social rebuilding is upon us. Identify your action group and prepare for battles in the streets around the US and the world. Stick out your necks and stretch your imagination - what's to lose? (except your noose).

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Women's no war! zone

07-03-2003 20:42

- a celebration of international womens day - discussion, feasting, workshops, music & party

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07-03-2003 20:37

Faslane Peace Camp urgently requires more visitors. Even, if you can only stay 1 or 2 days, any visit would be much appreciated. Please ring 01436 820 901 for details.

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Manchester Peace Camp

07-03-2003 20:32

Last minute info

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Virtual March on the Media! Blair/Bush Lied About Weapons of Mass Destruction!

07-03-2003 20:03

Bush Lied About WMD –
Don't let the Corporate Media Forget about it!

Newsweek reports in its March 3, 2003 issue that the U.S.’s PRIME SOURCE of information on Iraq’s WMD stated:
“All weapons – biological, chemical, missile, nuclear were destroyed.”

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Spontaneous Direct Action In Leicester. 8 Arrested.

07-03-2003 19:20

Around 800 school and university students demonstrated against the war in Leicester today. There were eight arrests, one being a fifteen year old who allegedly. assualted a police officer

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elBaradei exposes US as liars on Iraqi uranium imports

07-03-2003 18:40

Calls documents evidencing Iraq's attempts to import uranium from Nigeria "not authentic." (It is believed these documents were provided by the US.)

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Blix: Iraq Actively Cooperating to Disarm

07-03-2003 18:34

Blix blixxes them again-- he and ElBaradei report on "active, indeed proactive compliance", and demands some months more of inspections. Blair and Bush hit another road block .... The French, Russians, Chinese will keep the UN road closed

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Turkish troops said to be at Iraq border, poised to cross

07-03-2003 18:16

Turkish TV Channel 7 reports hundreds of Turkish army tanks and vehicles at the border with northern Iraq, the bit not held by Saddam Hussein's forces.
The report, which is breaking news, seems to be unclear as to whether they have already crossed or are merely about to. The report also says US troops have been sighted at Mardin, which is inside Turkey, close to the border with Syria. Whether they are also en route to northern Iraq is unclear.
A retired Turkish army general said the move to the border was "precautionary".

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Students occupy Labour Party Offices

07-03-2003 16:59

Students from the University of East Anglia occupies offices of Charles Clarke and Ian Gibson.

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Bush's Oil Buddies Make Killing Off High Gas Price

07-03-2003 16:17

Guerrila Sanctions Against USA

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ISM Reports: Nablus, Tulkarem, and the Susan Barclay case

07-03-2003 15:25

the Latest ISM Avtivist Reports From Palestine

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Making the World Safe for Sharon’s Israel

07-03-2003 13:51

"Thanks to Perle’s persuasion, along with that of other members of what the Washington Post (02/09/03) labeled the 'Likudnik cabal,' the American president is preparing to export 'democracy' to Iraq .."

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The Pope Can Stop The War

07-03-2003 13:37

The Pope is probably the only person who could act as a human sheild and be taken serioulsy by the allies. He has denounced an war on Iraq, we know call on him to go to Iraq and remain there until a peacful solution is found.

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Proof of Iraqs' Al Qaeda links

07-03-2003 13:32

President Bush asserted a link yesterday between Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and the al Qaeda terrorist network, saying he fears they will join forces and are already virtually indistinguishable. "The danger is, is that they work in concert," Bush said. "The danger is, is that al Qaeda becomes an extension of Saddam's madness and his hatred and his capacity to extend weapons of mass destruction around the world.