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#95 | Four youths arrested and charged under the anti-terrorist law in Athens

27-09-2009 23:32

#95 | Four youths arrested and charged under the anti-terrorist law in Athens; six more warrants issued; media anti-anarchist frenzy: It must be election time!

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G20 Pittsburgh: Bash Back! Black Bloc

27-09-2009 23:00

Shortly after 10 p.m., a Bash Back!-themed black bloc a hundred or more strong appeared on Forbes Street between Atwood Street and Oakland Avenue. The march was pushing half a dozen or more dumpsters, which were upended in the intersections while seemingly all the corporate businesses on the block lost their windows. Another dumpster was rolled further down the street and set alight before being upended as the bloc fled north.

See video:

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Protest in Brighton against the visit of Israeli Defense minister, Ehud Barak

27-09-2009 22:28

The PSC is calling a protest outside the Grand Hotel in Brighton, where the Israeli Defense Minister is due to speak at the Labour Friends of Israel Annual Reception.

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Get down to Vestas - Occupy, Camp, Resist, Cook, Produce!

27-09-2009 20:50

There has been a camp outside the Vestas factory on the St. Cross Business Park, Dodnor Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, since at least the beginning of the Occupation of the factory on 20th July this year. The camp has a well established kitchen run by volunteers who serve quality vegan evening meals 'Roundabout 8', with lunch and breakfast also provided and sometimes cooked too. Those who occupied the factory are often present, together with climate campers and those from assorted lefty groups and unions. Get down there and join 'em! ...and take some cake with ya!

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Labour's Tony McNulty on the platform of Unite Against Fascism

27-09-2009 20:49

Labour racist Tony McNulty invited onto the platform of the Unite Against Fascism (UAF) counter-demonstration in Harrow in september 2009.

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Sheffield Climate Camp Meeting

27-09-2009 20:37

Announcement for the Sheffield Intro meeting to Climate Camp

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Roberto Cavalli Club decides to flout the law

27-09-2009 17:22

Roberto Cavalli Club dehors in Florence
The Roberto Cavalli Club of Florence - image-bearer of the multinational empire of designer Roberto Cavalli - has illegally taken over a piece of the historic centre of Florence, despite protests by the inhabitants and a ban by the Florence town council.

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Jobs, Education, Peace: Protest at Labour Party Conference

27-09-2009 17:02

Tax the rich and give welfare to all, protesters demanded.
While Labour began its Party conference, Brighton seafront hosted thousands of people calling for ‘Jobs, Education and Peace’.

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Has anyone seen this lad before - Vestas Security...

27-09-2009 16:12

The security firm employed by Vestas to 'protect' 'their' factory on the St. Cross Business Park, Dodnor Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight has been kept secret by both companies. It seems to employ a large number of ex-military types, who have apparently done tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia. There were a few scots to begin with, now there's a fair few geordies and one Northern Irish , plus miscellaneous others. More pics when we can...

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Reports from Brighton-Tubas Solidarity Group - Al Moussafah

27-09-2009 15:40

Two students from Brighton have just arrived in Palestine and will spend the next few weeks in the Jordan Valley, along with other Brighton-tubas solidarity Group members who will join them over the next few weeks. They will be reporting on the numberous resistance projects in the Jordan Valley, where local Bedouins and other Palestinians are coming together to challenge the occupation by constucting schools, health clinics, homes, playgrounds, roads and water pipes. Read their blog at to keep up to date with what is happening.

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New Zapatista Solidarity Calendar 2010 - Out Now!

27-09-2009 15:17

With high quality images from our twinned autonomous municipality '16 de Febrero' and other Zapatista communities, the 2010 calendar is essential for activists and supporters alike. All funds raised from the sale of the calendar will be shared between Kiptik, who support water, health, media and art projects in Zapatista communities, and Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group's support of autonomous health clinics and schools in the Chiapas highlands region. See images from the calandar at .

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SHAC's Operation Liberation – Open letter and pics of cops!

27-09-2009 14:42

Cops from the Operation Liberation demo and an open letter!

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The Case for Illegal Immigrants

27-09-2009 13:56

The struggle to make our illegal brothers and sisters equal to us in status and opportunities belongs to the same spectrum as the abolition of slavery, women suffrage, fight against racism and fight for gay rights. Everyone has to take a stand.

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Socialists and the fight against the British National Party

27-09-2009 12:00

Time for an open debate about the political priorities facing socialists in the fight against racism

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Action against the war machine 24th October

27-09-2009 11:41

Callout for people willing to take more militant resistance against the war machine and capitalism on the 24th October National Demo

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Nights of terror in Honduras (by Latuff)

27-09-2009 10:00

Terror en las noches de Honduras
Artwork based upon Angel Palacios' article "Terror en las noches de Honduras":

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No Borders in Calais: arrests at prefecture

26-09-2009 22:36

Activists arrested in Calais during peaceful demo

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Excellent report of Pittsburgh Anti-G20 black bloc protests

26-09-2009 22:16

This is on-the-spot reporting just in from the first day of the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, which has seen a great deal of spirited resistance and confrontation—perhaps as much as has occurred at any anarchist mobilization in North America in half a decade. This gushy, hastily composed account presents the context, attempts to convey the spirit of the day, and raises a few preliminary questions.