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New Zapatista Solidarity Calendar 2010 - Out Now!

Martin O'Neill | 27.09.2009 15:17 | Zapatista

With high quality images from our twinned autonomous municipality '16 de Febrero' and other Zapatista communities, the 2010 calendar is essential for activists and supporters alike. All funds raised from the sale of the calendar will be shared between Kiptik, who support water, health, media and art projects in Zapatista communities, and Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group's support of autonomous health clinics and schools in the Chiapas highlands region. See images from the calandar at .

To order your calendar email the group at . Alternatively, Edinburgh residents can make their purchase at the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place. Open Sat 11-6, Tues 1-4 and Thurs 6-8.

Glasgow residents can make their purchase at the Wee Red Bookshop, 137 London Road. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

The calendars will also be available at the London Anachist Bookfair, Saturday 24th October, 10am to 7pm, Queen Mary and Westfield College, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS.

International orders can be made via AKUK distribution:

Martin O'Neill


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  1. i love i love i love i love my calender zapatistas... — gabriel agbonlahor