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Cops shoot geezer with 'rubber' bullet!!

28-02-2002 09:14

The precedent is set...let us remember it is they who're upping the ante...

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BBC Chair wants to hear your views online 28/02 14.00 GMT

28-02-2002 08:02

The New BBC chair, Gavyn Davies, self styled Socialist Millionaire, ex merchant banker, (worth approx £150 million) husband to Gordon Browns principal advisor, Mr T crony wants to her your views on the BBC ex
how do you think the BBC is succeeding in meeting its audiences' needs?
Gavyn Daviesprofile

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tally ho

28-02-2002 04:29

tally ho
up in scotland ,we say NO TO BLOODSPORTS

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28-02-2002 02:47

"....the Geneva Conventions can be ignored as Taliban soldiers of Afghanistan are shuffled, under sensory deprivation and drugs, into chain-linked cages under a Cuban sky. Anyone who declares the U.S. should be subject to international treaties (which the U.S. has signed!) is seen as a traitor"

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28-02-2002 02:38

Not since Winnie Mandela's prosecution for wearing ANC colors has a woman's wardrobe constituted a "crime!".

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27-02-2002 23:23

A £100m cash injection into school buildings throughout the town partly funded by the Government's private Finance Initiative is also part of the plans

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Communique from FARC

27-02-2002 22:38

Gabriel Ángel and Manuel Marulanda of the FARC-EP
Our first mission at Narco News is that Latin American voices be heard, in English, in their own words. Our editorial position today and forever is that we refuse to censor those voices. Condoleeza Rice and the State Department may have had success making deals with corrupted major media organizations to censor the voices of parties in conflict, as occured last autumn in the Afghanistan war. But they will have no such success with us.

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A Soldier's Report On The War Against Horrorism - Isidor

27-02-2002 19:46

A Soldier's Report On The War Against Horrorism - Isidor
Hop on board Isidor's Magical Mystery Tour taking you from Halfgonistan
to the dark side of the Moon. Learn about the War Against Evilism,
Horrorism and Errorism. Find out who the world's most wanted terrorist
is. There's much more to say but there isn't enough space in this
paragraph to say it...So check it out and spread whatever Truth you find
to those who do not know. Who knows...if not those who want to know. -

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the manchester loombreaker - issue 26

27-02-2002 17:51

Back in the days of 'Free Trade' & 'Democracy' they used to talk about Political Economy and 'Manchester Economics' was regarded as a prize example. The new economics and factory system was certainly an accurate fortetaste of the misery and squalor that industrial capitalism has long since spread worldwide. But it was also a social environment that forged the development of progressive movements and radical ideas. The Free Trade Hall was one expression of that early struggle for social justice. Now it is to become a five-star 16 storey hotel...

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Chomsky on BBC

27-02-2002 17:41

Chomsky to be on BBC Hardtalk tonight (27/02/02)....

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Incineration: Greenpeace shuts Lewisham SELCHP incinerator

27-02-2002 16:58

Incineration: Greenpeace shuts Lewisham SELCHP incinerator
We've shut down Britain's 'flagship' waste incinerator in South protect our children from cancer. And we're not leaving until Onyx, the French multinational owners, close it for good.

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27-02-2002 16:30

Were you at the demo on Saturday - did you witness the two arrests? Witness statements are now sought by the defence team

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US is absolutely not seeking a fresh foothold in the Caucasus

27-02-2002 15:33

Oh no, no, no, no...... hmmmm

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Police Rally

27-02-2002 14:46

Police Rally on 13th March

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UK Left expose themselves as fad-rebel wankers

27-02-2002 14:33

As the smoke clears, Britain's organised and liberal left expose themselves as the fad-rebel wankers we always knew they were.

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Korea: latest from KCTU on rail workers strike

27-02-2002 13:43

Link below to latest KCTU press release, focussing on the Korean rail workers strike, one of the sparks for the current general strike. Latest rumours suggest the rail workers may have won! More details when confirmed.

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No consultation in Hackney land estate sell-off

27-02-2002 12:30

Land on our estate (Fields Estate, Lansdowne Drive Hackney E8) was on Hackney's disposal list last autumn but no information was made available to residents about this.

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Rubbish Reactor > Update

27-02-2002 11:55

The protest at the Rubbish Pile Reactor in Deptford, London, (sometimes referred to as the CHP Power plant), seems to be continuing.

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National Stop The War demo THIS WEEKEND!

27-02-2002 11:42

National Stop The War demo THIS WEEKEND!
Stop Bush and Blair's War
Demonstrate 2nd of March
1pm, Hyde Park, London
* Supported by CND

Please bring along as many people as you can.

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Police sniff out mother of all stink bombs

27-02-2002 11:31

British police forces are considering using vile smells to quell riots, disperse anti-globalisation protesters and end hostage situations.