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Stop posion drinking water flouride,paystrike,companies cant legally turn it off

24-06-2008 16:09

Many water companies in UK including Severn Trent maybe using anaerobic digesters to recover phosphate & fertilise crops& burn methane but some in west midlands & nottingham are using flouride in water supply. So bad that the area it is added has to have glass windows regularly replaced due to flourides corrosion. Strike legally they cant legally turn off water, its legally our right to have a supply. Especially worth it if your not bothered about your credit rating on own or in shared house

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Brine flows into German nuclear dump mine

24-06-2008 15:24

An old potash mine in north Germany containing nuclear waste is flooding at a rate of 12 cubic metres a day and throwing up all sorts of questions about safe keeping of nuclear leftovers for a million years. The design for nuclear waste storage in the now flooding Asse II potash mine near Wolfenbüttel, about 80 kms southeast of Hannover, is the same as for the specially dug salt mine at Gorleben, seen as the likely permanent repository.

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Palestine Today 062408

24-06-2008 15:10

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday June 24th, 2008.

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Bath Bomb #11 out now

24-06-2008 12:51

Monthly tabloid rantfest fresh out of the mean streets of Bath

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Law-lord ruling to free Sean Kirtley? NETCU on the run

24-06-2008 12:41

Law Lords have ruled that it is illegal to have anonymous witnesses. A key component of the Sequani trial was the use of annoymous witnesses.

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Helsinki Days of Action for Autonomous Spaces - July '08

24-06-2008 12:18

Squatters of Helsinki invite you to Helsinki for five days lasting
actiondays for autonomous freespaces, culture and freedom.

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John Pilger's keynote from a recent conference on Investigative Journalism

24-06-2008 09:57

On Friday the 13th June 2008 The Chinese Media Centre at Westminster University held a conference into the current state of Investigative Journalism around the globe.

Here is the keynote speech from the event by veteran journalist John Pilger.

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Police attack Police! Thug on anti war demo exposed as police officer

24-06-2008 09:51

Police violence on demo may have been aided by agent provocateurs present in the crowd of Stop the War demonstration against Bush visit.

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UK demonstration in Support of Austrian Prisoners

24-06-2008 08:33

Demonstration this Friday 27th June UK Austrian Embassy 10.00am

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Passed HR 6304 Domestic Spy Amendments—choke 1st Amendment Rights

24-06-2008 05:19

U.S. House SPY AMENDMENTS—State, Persons Exercising 1st Amendment Rights “May be Considered” Agents of a Foreign Power.

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event london) Feeding Frenzy – a Discussion on Food, Fuel and Finance

24-06-2008 00:08

Feeding Frenzy – a Discussion on Food, Fuel and Finance

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Direct Action; Mexico, Ireland & Spain

23-06-2008 23:49


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13 hens rescued for Austrian activists in Australia

23-06-2008 23:43

Animal Liberation Victoria press release - 23rd July

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Resistance in the UK 's Detention Centres meeting 24th June

23-06-2008 19:42

Asylum-seekers and migrants who had been locked up indefinitely by the British state are carrying out one of the most sustained fight-backs in the UK in recent years.

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Fox Hunt takes injunction out against monitors.

23-06-2008 19:37

The Crawley and Horsham hunt is taking an injunction out against monitors stopping them from documenting any evidence of law breaking.

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Antifa Call to Action!

23-06-2008 18:45

Shut down the BNP festival, August 16th.

Call 07522 034032 for details.

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Water on Mars but not on Earth

23-06-2008 17:50

"It is with great pride and a lot of joy that I announce today that we have found proof that this hard bright material is really water ice and not some other substance," said Peter Smith, the primary investigator for Phoenix, at the University of Arizona in Tucson speaking of the news that the NASA probe on Mars had found water.

Meanwhile every 9 minutes a child, a human child, not space going monkey - dies of thirst. Every 20 seconds a child dies from diseases associated with a lack of clean water.

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News from the battles for free space in Copenhagen

23-06-2008 17:47

Struggles around free space and squats continue abounds in Copenhagen, Denmark. Not only are there still weekly demos still for the campaign to have a new Youthhouse (Ungdomshuset) but a new extension to the famous squatted Christiania has been occupied with great success. It also looks like the council has given in to pressure from the squatters movement and agreed a new Youth House for the kids!!