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Cops clampdown before demo on Sat 29th?

28-01-2011 09:56

The cops appear to be clamping down in advance of the demonstrations in London and Manchester on Saturday.

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Help stop a massacre in Egypt

28-01-2011 09:49

At least six protesters in Egypt have already been killed in the recent protests, many more injured. Today is going to be the biggest day of protests yet.

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Will Mohamed ElBaradei be the next president of Egypt ?

28-01-2011 09:08

- Will Mohamed ElBaradei the next president of Egypt ?
- Was the wikileaks leaks on Midle East programmed and with a purpose ?
- Does the new US administration, wants to get rid of the old dictators in Middle East , including Mahmoud Abbas? (showing to Israel who is the boss)
- Does the realease yesterday of the PA documents (that nail Abbas) from Al Jazirra was just a coincidence ?

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Nottm AR: Meat trade / Fur / Eco Action and more

28-01-2011 03:46

Two more weeks of campaigns and awareness raising, with a bit of socialising and mutual support with other movements for social change.


Sat 29th January
Meat Abolition week
Meat Industry Info Stall
1pm at Victoria Centre Clock Tower
Contact 07703 031667

Sunday 30th January
Vegan Sunday Roast (Mock Chicken & Tarragon Pie) at Old Angel, recent winner of Peta's Vegan Pub Award. Lunchtime until all gone (or 6pm)
Annie: 07970 527502

Also Sun 30th AR Spring Gathering Planning Meeting in Bradford.

Mon 31st January
Fur Demo at High Street, Beeston at 1pm
Phone 07709 231267 for exact location.

Thurs 3rd Feb
Animal Rights resources organising and setting up Mansfield Animal Rights. From 2pm at Sumac, finishing with vegan meal at 7pm. Contact 07703 031667 or 07870 861837

Also every Thurs
'Doin Stuff at Sumac Skill Share' from 4pm, til 7pm shared vegan meal/ social club bar.

[Friday 4th probably no Greyhound Demo]

Fri 4th - Sun 6th Feb

Earth First Gathering. Full program of workshops  at Catering / Vegan outreach to 100 eco activists at Sumac Centre. Help welcome, and food provided through-out weekend.  Contact Pat: 07870 861837

Sat 5th Feb
Humane Research Info Stall
10am at Victoria Centre Clock Tower (Mansfield Road side entrance). Contact: 07804 203459

Monday 7th
Demo at Harlan Sera Lab Limited, Hillcrest, Dodgeford Lane, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 9TE. Beagle breeders for vivisection, near Loughborough. Leave Nottm Train Station at 2pm, but call 07709 231267 re transport. (Past demo report:

Thursday 10th
McDonalds Leafletting. 6.30 at Clumber St, followed by
Nottm AR Meeting at 7.30 at Sumac
Contact 07703 031667

Brinsley Animal Rescue - contact them direct and volunteer when you can.

Advance Notice

Tues 15th Feb
Vegan Free Food Giveaway

Coming Soon

Pig Business film & campaign discussion

Black Fish Benefit:

Watch out for 'Great' British Circus, probably starting season in Nottm or Lincoln late Feb / early March. Check at

National Animal Rights Spring Gathering
Friday 11th to Sunday 13th March, in Bradford.
Book your time off and check your travel plans now.
Details from


See also Veggies / Sumac Diary:

Animal Rights Calendar:


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Get 'Racial Volunteer Force' channels taken down

28-01-2011 01:42

RVF Blogspot and Youtube pages. Please report them and get them taken down.

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london old street shell garage blockade last night

28-01-2011 01:38

after the remains of the irish government gave approval last week for the shell high-pressure gas pipeline and refinery in county mayo, activists have been staging blockades, actions and protests against shell in solidarity with the residents and activists of rossport. in london, tonight's garage blockade was also called as a memorial to long-time climate activist val jones, who lost a long struggle against a debilitating disease just one year ago.

last week, the irish government gave final approval for the shell high pressure raw gas pipeline which is being built in a beautiful area of county mayo in north-west ireland. shell is intending to use the pipeline to pump ashore unrefined gas to an onshore refinery.

the "corrib" gas field was initially discovered in 1996, and after exploratory drilling, the project began in earnest in 2003 when shell purchased an area of forest land from the irish forestry agency, and they began building the refinery in 2005.

1200 local residents are directly affected by the site and the pipeline and the overwhelming majority are against the project in its current form and do not believe that alternatives have been properly considered.

over the years, there has been a strong resistance movement against the current project, and after an injunction was instituted in 2005 to prevent residents from obstructing the construction of the pipeline, 5 men from rossport were imprisoned for ignoring the injuction and trying to protect their own land.

shell continued to build the pipeline and also to flout health and safety guidelines and building consents. while local drinking water regularly showed aluminium levels that were way outside safety limits, shell actually had to dismantle 3km of pipeline after ministry officials discovered serious breaches.

the 'rossport 5' were relased after a three month long campaign of civil disobedience, direct actions, and worldwide protests and solidarity actions, but the gardai (irish police force) grew more violent in their treatment of protestors.

in november 2006, many locals were injured in police baton charges to break a blockade. the gardai boasted of their 'no arrest' tactics, and continued their campaign of intimidation, injuring locals in baton charges, and attacking protestors who were trying to stop the illegal construction of shell portacabins on their own land.

as the pipeline was laid in broadhaven bay, protestors regularly took to the water, and many were arrested in various actions at sea.

the operation was held up for a year after pipe-laying equipment became damaged, and the resistance has continued strongly since then, despite many arrests. the project is now due to open in 2012 or 2013, several years behind schedule. as well as legal oppression, there was a parallel campaign of unlawful intimidation, with the gardai taking knives to protestors' inflatable boats, and masked men attacking campaigners and even hospitalising one local activist in the middle of the night.

the campaign focusses on the fact that the pipeline is an experimental project, untried elswhere in the world, with raw unprocessed gas carried at extremely high pressure, first under the sea-bed, and then in a pipeline across a peat bog known for its instability. the gas will include a corrosive mixture of chemicals, but will not contain the tell-tale gas odour which is added at the refinery. the pipeline cuts across an area of amazing scenic beauty and which is a world-recognised area of specific scientific interest. waste water from the refinery will flow into carrowmore lake, a source of water supplying 10,000 people. water samples have already shown massively increased and illegal levels of aluminium.

after last week's announcement by the government, which incidentally now comprises only three cabinet ministers, as the rest have resigned over the economic turmoil, local resistance groups have called for a week of solidarity protests against shell, and in london this evening, the old street shell garage was closed down by activists from 'london rising tide' and samba-activists 'rhythms of resistance'.

tonight's blockade was also a memorial to shell activist and long-time 'rhythms of resistance' member, val jones, who lost a long and hard-fought struggle against motor neurone disease just one year ago. among her many talents, val was an accomplished banner-maker, and her huge "danger - keep out - shell hell in operation" banner has featured prominently in many actions, including tonight's.

the old street garage is a very busy one, normally with several vehicles filling up or queueing throughout a typical weekday evening. the activists took over its forecourt at about 7.30 this evening, unfurling val's huge banner, as well as a "shell devastates communities" banner brought over by rossport activists, and a simple "closed" banner across the main entrance. meanwhile the samba band attracted attention and lifted spirits, while hundreds of leaflets were handed out to passers-by.

the leaflets highlighted other issues as well as rossport: the devastating tar sands developments in alberta, canada; the continuing environmental destruction of the niger delta, along with corruption, human rights abuses, and of course the murder of activist ken saro-wiwa; and finally the connection to runaway climate change.

garage staff called police, who turned up with four cars and a van after about 25 minutes. after taking stock of the protest, they invoked 'obstruction of the highway' and threatened arrest if activists continued to block the access to the garage.

ironically, just as activists moved away from the entrance, a delivery tanker turned up and staff put out bollards while the delivery was made, rather taking the wind out of the police operation. indeed, activists helped get the message of the bollards across by once again holding the 'closed' banner across the entrance, this time apparently not causing an obstruction. police used a modern polaroid type camera to photograph the protestors before withdrawing, leaving just one car to keep an eye on things.

by chance, comedy activist mark thomas then walked past, on his way from a fund-raising gig. he was delighted to have stumbled on the protest and wished them well. he was particularly amused by the timely arrival of the tanker and disappeared off into the night with a happy smirk on his face.

as the garage reopened, the two police who had been left on guard once again insisted that the entrance be cleared, and after some slow-motion compliance, the protestors reached a decision to finish the action and leave together.

if you want to know more about rossport, see
for tar sands info, see
for info on the niger delta, see
london rising tide can be found at
and rhythms of resistance have a website at

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Health Warning to Cumbria - "Population Mixing"

27-01-2011 23:38

If proposed nuclear developments go ahead - the population of Cumbria will increase in a relatively short space of time by the tens of thousands. There have been lots of studies looking into why there are substantially more childhood cancers and blood disorders in the vicinity (up to 50Km+) around nuclear plants. Successive governments have dismissed those studies which point to radioactive emissions as the cause and have endorsed those which point to "population mixing."

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Coordination against Condem Scum

27-01-2011 22:37

Stop the Scum in Sheffield

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Sheffield Coordination event

27-01-2011 21:51

Autonomous resistance groups coordination event, Sheffield

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#Sukey : Live demo info service launches sat - ldn

27-01-2011 21:37


Sukey is a tool for non-violent demonstrations. It allows peaceful demonstrators to communicate events they've observed to the public and stay safe and mobile. The more people using it, the better service it becomes!

The Mission is to provide peaceful protesters with up to date protest news that will keep them informed, assist them in avoiding injury, help them to keep clear of trouble spots and avoid unnecessary detention.

Sukey runs on any mobile phone - it looks fantastic on an iPhone, Android or other smartphone, but you can also use it on any phone that's capable of receiving text messages.

Sukey delivers maximum information to those participating in a demonstration so that they can make sensible informed decisions, as well as to those following externally who might be concerned about friends and family at the demonstration or to those who may simply have a political or journalistic interest in the progress of the protest.

Sukey gathers its news, photos, videos and eyewitness accounts from the protesters in the crowd.

Sukey collates this 'crowd sourced' information and combines it with external news that comes from the various news agencies and social media sites, boils this news down to what's important and then delivers that key information straight back to the protesters on the streets.

If you have Sukey you too can contribute.

If you're involved in the protest you want Sukey in your pocket.

Meet Sukey for the first time at the "No Fees, No Cuts! Defend Education & the Public Sector!" demonstrations on Saturday 29th January.

Assemble Malet Street, noon on the 29th.



This is the feed for Sukey. We're going to be using sukeyData for  *loads* of Tweets. They'll probably fill your SMS inbox, so follow @sukeySMS for more concise version

The Sukey twitter feed for those of us who don't have smartphones.   

Text 'follow @sukeysms' to 86444 for texts keeping you informed. We won't spam your inbox.


27 Jan 2011: Sukey Press Release:

The group who gave you pictures of Godzilla in the Thames from the protests against the student fees increase are back with a new website and mobile phone application to help keep peaceful protesters safe.

Every week, more and more people of all ages and from all walks of life are taking to the streets to show their unease at the depth, speed and savagery of coalition cuts to social services, education, library closures, restructuring of the NHS and the proposed sell-off of Britain's forests. These are the largest series of demonstration in the UK since the Stop the War protests in 2003.

In order to keep peaceful protesters informed with live information that will assist them in keeping clear of trouble spots, avoid injury and from being unnecessarily detained a group of talented young computer experts has developed a free product called Sukey.

Sukey is both a website and an application for mobile phones. Even those with older handsets can take part through free SMS messages.

Sukey lets people taking part have all the information they need to make informed decisions while letting their friends and family keep an eye of what is happening from home so they can be assured that their loved ones are safe. 

Sukey invites people taking part to share their experience via social media and combines this with information from traditional news sources to hand it straight back to the crowd and let them see what is going on around them as it happens.

Sukey is easy to use and will help keep people safe and informed of the official demonstration route together with any en-route amenities they may need like wifi points, public toilets, tube stations, first aid points, coffee shops and payphones. 

Those not at the demonstration can follow along with live movies, photos and accounts straight from the protest getting all the news as it breaks.

All information shared by those at the event is anonymised and the privacy of all users is respected at all times.

Everyone has the right to peaceful protest. Sukey makes sure that the experience can be a safe and effective way for people to make their voices heard.



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Protest Cumbria Forest sell-off

27-01-2011 20:30

There will be a protest in Grizedale forest, Cumbria on Sunday 30th January at 1pm.

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Are We Witnessing the Start of a Global Revolution?

27-01-2011 19:50

"Understand that the “War on Terror” is a complete lie, a concoction meant to obscure the imperial attack on the worldwide insurrection of the people’s revolt the imperialist ruling class knew would be coming. Of course 911 was a false flag attack perpetrated largely by imperialism to serve as a defense against this revolt. But before that the outlines of this “defense of the system” was likely behind the crash of a jumbo jet in the ocean when an Egyptian pilot, with no record of radical ideas, supposedly crash dived a fully loaded passenger plane shouting, “God is great.” One can review and study these manipulations and begin to see the strategy and heartless efforts being waged by our rulers in a desperate attempt to maintain our world in bondage. The U.S. will claim to be defending democracy and human welfare while attempting to utterly crush both."

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Riot police encircle the Law School in Athens now..!!!

27-01-2011 19:22

Riot police encircle the Law School in Athens in apparent preparation for a raid as migrant hunger strikers vow to stay – constant updatesAt this moment

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Open Letter From ANONYMOUS To The UK Government

27-01-2011 19:04

Anonymous respond to arrest of 5 members in the UK...

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27-01-2011 18:51

Scrap the Politicians

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Palestine Today 01 27 2011

27-01-2011 16:33

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, January 27 2011.

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Sit-in underway at Palestinian embassy in London

27-01-2011 16:07

NEWS breaking of sit-in at Palestinian Embassy in London, Thursday afternoon.

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Blair's Iraq Timeline Of Lies

27-01-2011 15:29

Blair leaving the Inquiry and returning to his multimillionaire lifestyle
When former Prime Minister Tony Blair addressed the Chilcot Inquiry into the lessons of the Iraq war last week, he did so safe in the knowledge that the Inquiry is an establishment stitch-up, with no powers to prosecute. However, the court of public opinion has long since turned decisively against Blair, and he should face a war crimes trial for his role in Iraq, as well as other military adventures during his time in power.

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Anti-government rallies hit Yemen

27-01-2011 14:54

Anti-government rallies hit Yemen
Tens of thousands of people, inspired by events in Tunisia, protest in Sanaa to demand President Saleh's resignation.

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5 Arrested In UK For Anonymous Cyber-Actions

27-01-2011 14:45

Scotland Yard has arrested five people under the Computer Misuse Act as part of its investigation into alleged attacks by the Anonymous hacking collective.