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Help stop a massacre in Egypt

Solidarity | 28.01.2011 09:49 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

At least six protesters in Egypt have already been killed in the recent protests, many more injured. Today is going to be the biggest day of protests yet.

Overnight the Internet, SMS, and according to some reports, landlines too, are down.

We need an immediate global response to make sure that the Egyptian government doesn’t use the cover of this communications blackout to carry out a massacre of its own citizens. The protests will start just after noon and Egypt is two hours ahead of us, so please take action as soon as you possibly can.

Things you can do:
1) Invite all your friends to the Facebook event.

2) Call the Egyptian embassy on 02074993304 (alternative number 02074992401) and tell them that if protesters are killed in the communications blackout then we will boycott Egypt and demand that our politicians do all that they can to support the citizens of Egypt against state violence. (If you ring early and they say they aren’t there yet then ask them to take a message, tell them why you’re calling even if they say no, and of course ring back later anyway.)

I think this is their email address: CC

3) Call the Foreign Office on 020 7008 1500, and ask them what the UK government is doing to prevent a massacre from happening in Egypt today. (They’re there in the middle of the night too. They say they can’t take messages, but if lots of people ring I’m sure they’ll mention it. And of course ring back in the morning.

These are all email addresses, but might not be very useful. Calling is more important.,,

4) Find out your MP’s contact details and call, email and fax them (don’t just email, try and do at least one of the others). Tell them that this is a humanitarian emergency and ask them what action they can take.

5) Contact the media, ask them to cover what’s happening, including the communications blackout.

Contact the BBC from here:
And on Twitter – @BBCNews, @BBCBreaking, @BBCWorld

Contact ITV on 0844 88 14150, and at

Contact Sky on,,

Add any details for other media as a comment to this post. Also keep an eye on coverage and post here if any of them are doing well or badly.

6) Facebook/tweet/email heavily about all of the above.

7) Find news. Share any sources you find that are still online in Egypt. Be wary of rumours, but repost any photos or news from various sources as widely as possible. Here’s a list of people in Egypt who can still tweet.

Post any other ideas as comments and we’ll add them.

Join the Facebook event.

- Homepage:


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