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Boxfresh Zapatista Protest

21-08-2001 11:54

Boxfresh Zapatista Protest
Everyone is welcome to our Hijacker action against Boxfresh and their offensive ads.

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Why we will return to Genoa, Italy on October 20th

21-08-2001 11:51

We will return for Carlo, for the Prisoners, for those beaten and most of all to demonstrate we have not been defeated!

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The grauniad : Ashcroft to sell off Belize Bank

21-08-2001 11:06

My beautifull (money) Launderette 4 sale
Outgoing Tory treasurer to dispose of offshore finance operation that sparked feud with government

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Italian Fascists run student travel co` in London

21-08-2001 10:03

On going story from Indymedia Italy about two fascists who were connected with the Bologna railway station outrage.
They went on the run and were given sanctuary by the UK government and protected by M16.

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need info on the Guardian

21-08-2001 03:54

need assistence in replying to a letter. Would appriciate your help.

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Unpublished photos and the truth on the murder of Carlo Giuliani

21-08-2001 01:16

Genoa: Unpublished photos and the truth on the murder of Carlo Giuliani

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20-08-2001 21:22

[This is the text of a new leaflet by Mossley workers, Hellemmes, north of France, 58th day of factory occupation]

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Protest at labour conference + GR counter conference

20-08-2001 20:40

news of the Protest planned at Labour conference and Globalise Resistance counter conference PLUS new magazine on Genoa!!!

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DEFRA Staff Strike for Equal Pay

20-08-2001 20:28

DEFRA staff start a campaign for pay parity with other Civil Service Departments with a highly succesful one day all out strike.

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Article on Video activism and indymedia

20-08-2001 19:25

Heres my words on Media activism published in todays s Guardian

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EU's secret network to spy on anti-capitalist protesters

20-08-2001 18:34

By Stephen Castle in Brussels
20 August 2001
The Independent
nb PLEASE write to and thank him for running these articles and also respond to the accusations "ill definition and wrong headedness".

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Solidarity with Genoa Prisoners

20-08-2001 15:44

Liverpool People Not Profit, held a protest today (20th Aug) in solidarity with the people still inside prisons in Italy.

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Daily Mail responds about Indymedia in Genoa

20-08-2001 12:20

Lucie Morris of Daily Mail writes to undercurrents and defends her reporting during Genoa and her slanders of Indymedia joruno.

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Police co-operation must not trample on protesters' rights

20-08-2001 10:02
Our Prime Minister made a fool of himself at the time by instantly supporting the Italian police in Genoa, before he had established any of the facts about the abrogation of the human rights of several British citizens, arrested while they slept.

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EU's secret network to spy on anti-capitalist protesters

20-08-2001 09:53

(More Total control bullshits from EU dictators)

European leaders have ordered police and intelligence agencies to co-ordinate their efforts to
identify and track the anti-capitalist demonstrators whose violent protests at recent international summits culminated in the shooting dead by police of a young protester at the Genoa G8 meeting last month.

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genoaResistance is seeking organizations to work with.

20-08-2001 09:48

genoaResistance is seeking partners to organize the October 20th Mobilization in Genoa.

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A Reply to Baruch Cohen and Israeli Genocidaires

20-08-2001 05:07

Baruch Cohen has been publishing incitement on IMC and in email arguments, claiming that Palestinians engineered the Holocaust, and that Israel must direct its missiles against Palestinian civilians, and other dangerous nonsense. The Israeli ethnic cleansers have started a massive worldwide propaganda campaign to support their final solution.

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Hawaiian King Imprisoned

20-08-2001 04:02

Hawaiian King Imprisoned Due to Military Occupation of the Hawaiian Islands by the United States of America!

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Swedish and Uruguayan youngsters tortured and imprisoned.

20-08-2001 00:41

Swedish and Uruguayan youngsters tortured and imprisoned. We need your help
to get their freedom back immediately.

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The Walk For Democracy in Idaho

19-08-2001 23:59

News article features WTO, Seattle