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“War is Peace” Prize

28-12-2009 09:56

Barack Obama is nothing if not a man of “firsts.” America’s first Black president has earned the dubious honor of possibly having delivered the first resoundingly pro-war speech to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. “The new peace prize winner told the world that peace isn’t worth working for and is off the table for his consideration.”

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Bradford Uni National March & Rally - Sat 13th (Leaflets & Transport)

28-12-2009 04:24


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National Animal Rights Spring Gathering

28-12-2009 00:01

A weekend of networking, workshops, discussions, actions and social activities.
Friday 12th to Sunday 14th March.

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Escalating violence against anti-mining campaigners in El Salvador

27-12-2009 23:32

As locals campaign against gold mining by Canadian Company Pacific Rim, two more anti-mining activists have been murdered.

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Confront Counter Terror: Expose the Expo - 14th April 2010

27-12-2009 22:08

Sponsored by arms comapny Thales, and organised by Clarion Events—responsible for Defence Systems Equipment International (DSEi) the world’s largest arms fair, the Counter Terror Expo takes place between 14-15 April 2010 at Olympia, London.

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FLASHBACK: Israel's blonde bombshells and real bombs in Gaza

27-12-2009 21:37

I am not sure that most people understand the meaning of the name "Operation Cast Lead" chosen by Israel for its murderous and criminal attack on Gaza. The name is borrowed from a Hebrew nursery rhyme which was (and may still be) very popular among Israeli children in the 1950s.

The cynicism embedded in the name, selected for what Ari Shavit, one of Israel's most celebrated commentators, called "an intelligent, impressive operation," is symptomatic to the cold, meticulous and calculated cruelty with which this attack was "designed," "executed" and "marketed" to the world.

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FLASHBACK: The Hanukkah Massacres

27-12-2009 20:13

Israeli Air Force dropping cluster bombs on Gaza
On the seventh day of Hanukkah, 2008, as Jews around the world were lighting the seventh candle on the menorah, commemorating the victorious rebellion of Judah Macabbee and the re-dedication of the Temple of Jerusalem 2200 years ago, a terrorist, Zionist entity, with the approval of the world’s last “Superpower” rained down death and destruction on men, women and children herded together on a sliver of the land they had once cultivated and shared with their fellow Semites.

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Viva Palestina activists start hunger strike in Jordan

27-12-2009 19:31

Sunday December 27th marks the anniversary of the attack on Gaza by Israel, which left over 1,400 people dead, and over 5,000 injured in 22 days.

At 11 35 am, the time of the first attack, a group of humanitarians on the “Viva Palestina Convoy” will embark on an International Hunger Strike in the main square in Aqaba, Jordan.

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Direct Action; UK, Russia, Italy, USA, France & Portugal

27-12-2009 18:58

20th-23rd December


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Talks at Cowley Club Bookshop

27-12-2009 18:31

To kick off 2010 in style, we have a series of author talks lined up at the Cowley....

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International education strike network-meeting Berlin of Januar 2010

27-12-2009 16:26

Becouse of the international Studentsprotest there is the first official international education strike network-meeting at th Humbold University Berlin from the unitil the of January 2010. In europe now there are more than 280 universities occupied and the students have claims to those respnsible wich are a must for a sensible education. Worldwide more then 580 universities are participating with the protestactivities

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Cop-enhagen: Seattle's Coming Out Party?

27-12-2009 14:52

Was Copenhagen the Coming out party for the movement born in Seattle? Probably not, but important alliances and discussions were started here that must be continued into the future.

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Egyptian Security Forces Detain Gaza Freedom Marchers and Stop Memorial in Cairo

27-12-2009 14:23

Egyptian Security Forces Detain Gaza Freedom Marchers in

el-Arish and shut down Gaza Memorial in Cairo

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Violent clashes and riots against the dictatorship

27-12-2009 10:54

4 iranian people killed by the fascists bassidj'is militia

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Target Brimar begin 22 Days of Waging Peace

27-12-2009 09:45

Anti-militarist campaigners from across the Northwest will be holding a 22 day long protest against Chadderton-based weapons component manufacturer Brimar from December 27.

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The Rolls-Royce exec and the oak tree

27-12-2009 07:52

A Rolls-Royce executive has cut down an ancient oak tree to improve access to his house.

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Hunger strike to force open blockade

26-12-2009 20:47

Convoy in Jordan
Members of the Viva Palestina international aid convoy to Gaza will begin a
hunger strike at 11.25am local time tomorrow (27th) in protest at the Egyptian
government's refusal to allow the convoy entry onto its soil.

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Using Space Four

26-12-2009 01:46

New issue of using space out now!

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U.S. – led World Community Fails, Palestinians on Brink of Explosion

25-12-2009 02:20

Barak Obama will go down in history as the first U.S. president who pushed a life - long Palestinian ally like Abbas to publicly pronounce the first ever pronounced Palestinian “disappointment” with the United States and its role as the mediator in the conflict.

By Nicola Nasser*