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What actually happened at Gleneagles yesterday: a personal account

07-07-2005 12:23

What actually happened at Gleneagles yesterday: a personal account, to balance mainstream media distortion
Here is what you won't hear on the BBC or in the Scottish print media, about why things turned out as they did yesterday. All based strictly on what I actually experienced.

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Thursday Glasgow Timeline

07-07-2005 12:16

Breaking news on anti-G8 actions in Glasgow.

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More pics from front line at Gleneagles

07-07-2005 12:08

Cops guard field
Pictures of cops and fence. Link to more photos and video of clashes and Chinook police transport.

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Glasgow: Camcorder Guerilla Video Workspace

07-07-2005 12:05

The Glasgow based Camcorder Guerillas are covering the G8 protests and G8 issues. They have a small workspace in Glasgow. They just announced that people who need to upload video can use their computer, provided that they don't need any help and know what they are doing.

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video: testemonies from Kneya, Brazil and Poland on the effects of the G8

07-07-2005 11:59

Testimonies from individuals from the majority world on how the G8 effects their lives

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Statement on Bombings

07-07-2005 11:54

The Struggle Against Terrorism Begins with the Struggle for Social Justice

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AUDIO LINK to feature from Dungavel demo

07-07-2005 11:34

here is a link to an audio feature from the protest at the Dungavel Detention Centre Tuesday, 5, July.

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Thursday Stirling eco-village timeline

07-07-2005 11:31

Breaking news from the Eco-village near Stirling.

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Suspension of today's Marxism 2005 - Thursday only so far

07-07-2005 11:22

Marxism 2005 suspended for Thursday due to tragic events in London

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IMC Condolence book for those hurt and killed in London

07-07-2005 11:04

Concern and love for friends, family and strangers in London fills the eco-camp in Stirling after news of the explosions in London. Imc stirling has been asked by others at the camp to set up this condolence book.

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Israel warned of explosions

07-07-2005 11:04

Israel warned by Scotland Yard of explosions

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video from Aldgate station, morning of 7th July

07-07-2005 11:01

video footage of scene at Aldgate Station

shows what appears to be two bodies being carried from the platform..

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dispatches from the front line at Gleneagles (small pics)

07-07-2005 10:16

This version of an article posted elsewhere contains small versions of the pics for those with a slower connection...

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London Underground Bomb Attack

07-07-2005 10:09

A major terrorist attack has taken place in and around the London Underground, with bombs exploding on up to three double decker buses and through Aldgate, Edgware Road, Kings Cross, Old Street and Russell Square tube stations in London.

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Explosions Rock London..

07-07-2005 09:56

Rescue services prepare
THis morning a series of explosions, aparently attributed to a power surge, resulted in many injuryies and at least two deaths at London Underground stations...

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g8 fence breach video

07-07-2005 09:38

video of fence breach in gleneagles, g8. not so good quality but protesters can be clearley seen at50sec in to video behind the fence.

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Arrested for playing music? Samba drummers criminalised and charged at G8 summit

07-07-2005 09:02

On monday the 4th of July, three samba musicians have been arrested during the Carnival for Full Enjoyment in Edinburgh. These people, who did nothing but playing music, now find themselves in jail, charged with riot leadership and breach of the peace. The next day, two dancers were arrested. The global network of Rhythms Of Resistance samba bands thinks these arrests are out of proportion and will follow up with support actions for the arrested musicians.

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more dispatches from the frontline at Gleneagles

07-07-2005 08:42

These two video clips accompany the following article (posted elsewhere with photos) and show some of the police strategies being deployed. Two men, who can only be described as plants, tried to 'reason' with protestors and sticks were poked from the police side of the cordon

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EcoVillage - Update 9.15am

07-07-2005 08:25

people are being allowed in but they have to comply with section 60. Slimebag corporate media is ammased at the entrance.

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Up to 200 Italian police 'ran parallel anti-terror force'

07-07-2005 07:57

Up to 200 police officers and former intelligence operatives are being investigated by Italian magistrates on charges of organising an illegal "parallel" police force to combat terrorism. this article doesn't mention Freemasons or Gladio but dozens of articles in the italian press do.
"I guess John Philips(also writes 4 the grauniad) aint into that kind of conspiracy theory crap so let's stick to the sheeple version INNIT !