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No Sweat Conference

16-11-2002 17:45

Mexican workers form the Kukdong / Mexmode strike wil be among the speakers. A mix of speakers, workshops, practical training, films etc.. Come along.

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Mexican Workers among speakers at No Sweat Conference Sat Nov 23

16-11-2002 17:33

The Conference will bring together campaigners for a mix of speakers, workshops, films, practical training... Come along, it's only a fiver (less if you are at school / really skint).

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School of the Americas Watch Demo

16-11-2002 17:25

While 12,000 people gathered outside the gates of the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia, 30-40 people gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in the first ever solidarity demonstration in London. Others also gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in Dublin.

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du info bulletin no 61

16-11-2002 16:45

Regular update of Depleted Uranium news,

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Saddam pays Gaddafi $3 billion for safe haven in Libya

16-11-2002 14:29

SADDAM HUSSEIN has made secret plans for his family and leading members of his regime to be given political asylum in Libya in the event of a war with America or a successful internal coup in Baghdad.

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Defend America

16-11-2002 14:28

Defend America
Yet some more cars and burgers.

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Bolivian President helping Enron and Shell to destroy environment

16-11-2002 14:27

The President of Bolivia is in Washington to try to persuade the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to give a loan of $125m to a consortium including Enron and Shell to build a pipeline in Bolivia, despite the companies poor environmental and social record.

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Activists welcome Argentina's World Bank Default

16-11-2002 14:23

Argentina has defaulted on a payment of $800m of World bank debt that was due on friday, after it had already been granted a 30 day extension.

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16-11-2002 14:19

We are publishing this document so as to inform and ask for your support. This concerns a very important matter - the imprisonment of worker and social fighter Yannis Serifis and the wider repression by the state in Greece. Follow the link to sign for the release of Y. Serifis and against the greek terrorlaw:

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Noam Chomsky on Media Control and the effects

16-11-2002 14:03

Written in 1991 - after the last Gulf War - equally applicable today

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Urgent action! Torture in Brazil (by Latuff)

16-11-2002 13:50

Urgent action! Torture in Brazil (by Latuff)
I beg attention from all my brothers and sisters-in-arts.

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Smoke and Mirrors in Antwerp Harbor

16-11-2002 06:31

A translation into English of Gegevens, tegenstellingen en conclusies over US oorlogstransport in A’pen by Peter Mertens

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The End of the Two-State Solution

16-11-2002 01:00

Interesting article showing that due to past and present Zionist expansionism, a 2-state solution is looking less viable.

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Proposal of netstrike de Isole nella Rete against the last detentions

15-11-2002 22:33

The arrests of the political activists in South of Italy are really grave. It's urgent to give an strong and united response. Isole nella Rete is proposing a netstrike.
Over the skin of the activists from the South is the future of all the political activism.

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15-11-2002 22:00

British Intelligence agency MI6 is connected to Al Queda in plot to assasinate Libyan leader Gadaffi. Maybe its time to stop a bombing campaign and invasion against the faded British Empire.

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15-11-2002 21:47

FIRE FIGHTERS get massive PUBLIC support, for their 2 day strike. Most people feel that the fire fighters DESERVE a pay rise. Unlike the useless RICH new labour/old tory politicians who award themselves massive pay hikes and earn over £60,000 per annum for sitting about talking crap, bullshiting and penny pinching the public purse while recklessly spending millions on luxuries,PR and pointless war mongering.

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Demo against Italian state repression tomorrow

15-11-2002 21:40

Call for a demo against Italian state repression tomorrow; say NO to a criminalisation of the Italian antiglobalisation movement

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Double Standard and the PSNI

15-11-2002 21:22


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Workplace Abuses at Lufthansa

15-11-2002 21:00

Workplace Abuses at Lufthansa
"Lufthansa Unbalanced" Web Site Exposes Conflict Between Socially Responsible Image and Treatment of U.S. Workforce, says Airline Catering Union