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European Solidarity with Chiapas is rising

03-08-2005 23:05

Solidarity groups deepen the level of networking.
Anti-neoliberal struggles in Europe are emphasised.

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Scotland at war

03-08-2005 22:22

Clustered planes seen in the sky at night above Scotland

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Lobby NOT ILLEGAL DEMO at parliament square THIS SUNDAY

03-08-2005 22:06

Mass Lobby of Parliament in support of the Right to

Assemble 12 noon, Sunday 7th August, Parliament Square.

If you are concerned about the introduction of the new law that has effectively banned all demonstrations in the area around Parliament (up to 1 km away as far as the London Eye, Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square) then please join the mass lobby outside parliament to call on our representatives to reconsider and over turn this undemocratic and draconian legislation.

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Forum for those arrested at the G8

03-08-2005 22:01

A private forum has been created for those who were arrested at the G8 and wish to share information and possibly co-ordinate transport.

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Police seized anti-war material in raid of bookshop

03-08-2005 18:23

How police seized anti-war material in raid on Leeds bookshop
by Anindya Bhattacharyya

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"The Decline and Fall of the American Empire" [audio link]

03-08-2005 15:11

JOHAN GALTUNG ,founder and Director of TRANSCEND and professor of Peace Studies
A talk given at UC Santa Barbara, Nov. 23, 2004
"The Decline and Fall of the American Empire"

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"Rule of law" issues ...

03-08-2005 15:04

The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Articles 6.3.b and 6.3.c

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Trial of anarchists in Aachen, Germany - verdict on Friday!

03-08-2005 14:57

The lengthy trial in Aachen is coming to an end...

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Shell Hell continues in Ireland-Call for International Solidarity

03-08-2005 14:33

The Imprisoned Rossport 5
On Tuesday, the 29th June, 2005, in Dublin, Ireland, 5 farmers from Rossport, Co. Mayo,Ireland were sent to Mountjoy Prison in Dublin, for violating an order imposed by the High Court to stop blocking Shell access to their lands to constuct the onshore section of the Corrib Gas Field pipeline.

The men have appeared in Court several times since that date and have been asked whether or not they wish to purge their contempt and agree to obeying the injunction,a request the have flatly refused on each occasion.

A Nationwide campaign of Boycotts,Blockades,Pickets,Fundraisers,Large -Scale Demos,Occupations and sit-ins,Solidarity gatherings as well as a permanent activist camp and blockade at the remote site of the proposed pipeline has exploded in Ireland since the men's jailing.

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leeds and bradford squatting meeting

03-08-2005 13:41

this is a call out to anyone involved in any squatting projects in the leeds/bradford area.

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US court files reveal Italian link to Indymedia server grab

03-08-2005 13:13

New article on "The Register" on the UK Indymedia server seizure case. Register coverage of this case has been very good so far. Read on...

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BBC bias on vivisection - join the protest

03-08-2005 13:08

Weekly Sunday afternoon protest outside the farm
Recent BBC programmes and reporting re the campaign against guinea pig breeders for vivisection - Newchurch Farm, have been totally biased in favour of the animal abusers. The BBC pride themselves on their 'impartial, educational & honest' broadcasting, yet their coverage of this campaign has been anything but. On Saturday 6th August, campaigners in Birmingham, London & Manchester will demonstrate outside BBC studios and hand in a statement from the Newchurch Campaign, which asks the BBC for some justification for this unashamed abuse of its own public policy.

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Dale farm defends law as Basildon defy court

03-08-2005 12:02

Residents at Dale Farm, the biggest Travellers' settlement in the UK under siege from an extreme-right wing-led local council, were furious and fearful this week following a bulldozer assault by Constant & Co., the 'gypsy eviction specialists', on a nearby trailer park.

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Hiroshima Day, 6th August, BOLTON

03-08-2005 11:11

It is the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Contributing photographers - IMC photo library now online

03-08-2005 10:16

Thousands of pictures get published on indymedia sites worldwide, but when they drop off the newswire they generally can't be found again. To remedy this we've created a picture library where photographers can post pictures of lasting value, allowing them to be retrieved by keyword, subject, date or author.

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Support Polish Migrants Strike Against Tescos

03-08-2005 08:09

Picket Banner in Dublin
Support Polish workers wildcat strike against Tescos in Ireland. Solidarity pickets this Thursday August 4th, 6pm at Tesco's all over Ireland and at Hackney Central, London and other cities around UK.

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ugandan refugees in hunger strike

03-08-2005 07:59

at least 10 Ugandan women including mothers have gone on hunger strike to protest their removal to Uganda where they will face persecution and possible death.

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All the alleged terrorists are Muslims

03-08-2005 06:31

Police aware of terror cells?
The AFP wants to misinform or spread disinformation in the community, by not providing the dangerous information they say they have, so we can be aware of the danger? But they want the community to share information with them about danger. Why is that? Why do we pay the AFP to lie to us about danger in the community, when communication is a two-way-street?

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Crack in the dam

03-08-2005 01:00

A group of 6 activists dropped a banner on the Karahnjugar Dam project in Iceland on the 01.08.05

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"You Lied" mp3 (George Bush)

03-08-2005 00:16

Prior to the Live8 concerts of July 2, 2005, Bob Geldolf announced that participating artists should stay away from criticizing President Bush.
in a moment of fantasy, we wondered what kind of song we'd want to sing i