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Lobby NOT ILLEGAL DEMO at parliament square THIS SUNDAY

Lord Such | 03.08.2005 22:06 | SOCPA | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Mass Lobby of Parliament in support of the Right to

Assemble 12 noon, Sunday 7th August, Parliament Square.

If you are concerned about the introduction of the new law that has effectively banned all demonstrations in the area around Parliament (up to 1 km away as far as the London Eye, Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square) then please join the mass lobby outside parliament to call on our representatives to reconsider and over turn this undemocratic and draconian legislation.

You might like to bring petitions with signatures of friends, family and collegues to present to your MP, or perhap personal letters. Alternatively you may wish to speak to them in person.

Unfortunately parliament is closed for the summer break (polititians get really long holidays) but since this is such an important issue we also call on polititians to come in on the 7th to hear our representations and to reconvene parliament in order to vote quickly on reinstating the democractic right to demonstrate outside parliament.

Of course this lobby should not be confussed with a protest or demonstration, it is merely an opportunity to be involved in this countries democratic process by putting forward concerns and requests to elected representatives.

By co-incidence there is apparently also an illegal demonstration taking place at the same time in the same location. We can consider this an illustrative backdrop in relation to the issues we would like to raise with our MPs and do hope that some will accept the invitation and speak with us at this time.

If you are plan to attend this mass lobbying event, please ensure that you can be identified as a citizen engaged in lawful democratic lobbying as oposed to illegal demonstrating by wearing approbriate clothing.

Should police mistaken you for an unlawful protester you are advised to seek legal advice and do not make a statement to the police until having spoken to your solicitor. At some stage of course it would be beneficial to your defence to make it clear that you were attending parliament square in order to lobby polititians about the new law and not to unlawfully demonstrate as that would be naughty and a serious crime in the same realm as the maffia and yardies etc.

However, don't let the presence of these semi-terrorist in your midst spoil your lawful right to lobby and don't let them scare you - they are probably quite nice and reasonable really if you talk to them so take the opportunity to intergrate and find out more about them. If they tell you stuff about more illegal protesting activities you could grass them up to the police officers in attendence or speak to your MP about the criminalisation of dissent with actual examples!

See you all on sunday.

Remember - if you don't vote you can't complain!

Lord Such


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