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AP report on WOOMERA

29-03-2002 09:34

AP report on WOOMERA

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Refugees freed at Woomera, Aust!!!!!!

29-03-2002 09:13

refugees freed form detetnion camp by protestors at Woomera in Australia!!!

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Corporation of London concerned about M1

28-03-2002 23:25

This is what the Corporation of London Security Newsletter sent out today:

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can the revolution B peaceful ?

28-03-2002 17:28

can the revolution B peaceful ?
these bastards will fight tooth and nail
to hang onto their priviledges....
thanx to crass

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Whatever happened to the Revolutionary Communist Party?

28-03-2002 17:00

Does anyone know what happened to the membership of the RCP?

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Upcoming Europe Nightmares

28-03-2002 15:17

Upcoming Europe Nightmares
Europe has got a lead nation now

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International Call to Action

28-03-2002 14:52

Protest against the never-ending war! Bush visits Paris in May. Call for international activism, Seattle style.

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Neo -Capitalism devouring all in its path

28-03-2002 12:30

The financial collapse of ITV Digital has far-reaching implications.

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Terror attack on Israel

28-03-2002 12:10

Terror attack on Israel
Again, we can see the Palestine fight for independent.

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PDF anarchist anti war pamphlet

28-03-2002 12:02

Download, print out and distribute this 20 page pamphlet about the war against terror

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Naomi klein on Argentina and I.M.F.

28-03-2002 11:36

cool article on argentian,ewhich shows Naomi is really one of us...

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mysterious deaths of witnesses against Sharon

28-03-2002 11:30

some curious events:

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footbal hooliganism and workers blockades in china

28-03-2002 11:26

the strains are showing in neo-capitalist china

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Sunderland: medical secretaries demo report

28-03-2002 10:51

Medical secretaries in Sunderland, on strike for fair pay, demonstrated in the city. Link to report on UNISON website:

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London: justice for Zahid Mubarek

28-03-2002 10:43

Forwarded from National Civil Rights Movement (NCRM):

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Neo Imperialism, Trendier than ever

28-03-2002 10:41

Reported in todays Independent, top Blair adviser calls for "Reordering the World"

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Salford: urgent action to prevent deportation

28-03-2002 10:07

Forwarded from National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC):

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Arrest Mugabe for Torture - Peter Tatchell

28-03-2002 09:30

The suspension of Zimbabwe from the Commonwealth is purely symbolic. It does nothing to weaken President Mugabe's grip on power or to curtail his murderous tyranny. The most effective sanction would be to issue warrants for the arrest of President Mugabe on charges of torture under the UN Convention against Torture 1984.

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Peat action photos

28-03-2002 09:19

Peat action photos
Peat action photos (article 1)

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UK police for torture and earth rape

28-03-2002 09:14

UK police for torture and earth rape
Hatfield Peat works four day blockade - 35 arrests on the first day.