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The End of Landlords

17-04-2007 01:05

We must seize back our land and our property!

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The Mutatoes Are Coming !!!

16-04-2007 23:40

Everything you ever wanted to know about Frankenspuds, but were afriad to ask.

@ rampART ( this Tuesday (17th), 8pm
16 rampart street, london E1 2LA

Films and discussion on GM crops trials in the UK and the previously sucessful campaign to stop them. Plus update on the biotech industries latest attempts to push this shit down our throats.

This month a controversial experimental genetically modified potato crop is due to be planted in the UK by the German chemical giant BASF (offshoot of the infamous AG Farben). The trials are the first GM crops to enter British soil in nearly 3 years, after public opposition forced a u-turn in government and corporate plans for patented crops.

The potato trials are a poorly disguised test of public opposition, so to make sure that opposition is adequately expressed, a national rally is taking place on Sat 21st April. Come along, learn about the history of the anti-GM campaign and find out about transport from London. For more info, contact (0113 262 9365) or check out the website

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Weaken All the Fronts!

16-04-2007 22:39

The wildest threatening scenarios are oftren nothing but hallucinated analogies.. Whoever accepts everything as a supposedly lesser evil justifies evil and monstrosities.

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Aerial view of GM trial site and surroundings

16-04-2007 21:21

Here is an aerial view of the site of the forthcoming GM potatoes trials.

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Virginia Tech Statement by President Charles W. Steger

16-04-2007 20:30

Information for anyone with friends or relatives there

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The struggle in Beit Ummar escalates

16-04-2007 19:28

for more photos see
On Saturday, a group of Israeli anarchists, uk activists and internationals tore down two sections of an Israeli settler fence blocking access to Palestinian farmland. Involved in the action was a group of UK Action Medics.

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Israeli Law Center Offers 'Targetted Killing' Holidays

16-04-2007 18:02

Pay a few thousand dollars and meet your favourite assassins. Travel to the Holy land, meet interesting people and watch them kill people.

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NUJ votes to boycott Israeli goods and pressure government to impose sanctions

16-04-2007 17:39

The National Union of Journalists has voted at its annual meeting for a boycott of Israeli goods and to press the government to impose sanctions against Israel.

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Swedish activists in airport runway occupation

16-04-2007 15:02

Yesterday a Swedish group, inspired by the UK's Plane Stupid and Rising Tide broke onto and occupied a runway at Stockholm airport.

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16-04-2007 14:17

Interview with Matt Flannery and Premal Shah
by Monte Leach

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Cambridge GM Crop Trial Location Published

16-04-2007 12:13

Defra have published the 6 figure grid reference for the GM Potato trial site near Cambridge.

It is: TL430627

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Capitalism Is Dead

16-04-2007 12:10

Where do you think the world's problems actually exist?

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Camp for climate action 2007: Events this week...

16-04-2007 11:58

Preparations for the camp for climate action 2007 are underway! Come and get involved right here in Manchester with other people interested in taking action against the root causes of climate change. This week there will be a neighbourhood meeting for anyone who wants to get involved in the 2007 camp, as well as local actions and events(wednesday), and a film screening for those who want to find out more about the 2006 camp (friday).

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On how to block just about everything

16-04-2007 11:13

The upcoming actions against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm will present considerable challenges for the creativity and stamina of activists. After all, the idea is to effectively block all the entry points. The problem is that an enormous army of security and public order forces will be present and try to prevent the same. But history has shown that everything can be blocked. Below you will find some useful stories about the practice of blockades. This text will be updated as new ideas pour in.

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Fight for Justice...

16-04-2007 10:30

Fight for Justice!
While in the name of the fight against terrorism, hundreds of thousands of people have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and others - arbitrarily detained - are tortured in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, the United States government protects the most notorious terrorist...

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Half a revolution in Ecuador?

16-04-2007 09:42

Two steps forward, one step back - is that improvement in a nutshell? The people of Ecuador, a diverse crowd of indigenous nationalities, communities, tribes, mestizos, colonos, and old fashioned gentlemen and lady's with Panamas, yesterday voted overwhelmingly in favour of a constituent assembly - popularly called the asamblea constituyente:

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No Borders Film Night For Upcoming Demo

16-04-2007 08:21

No Borders film night/bar: "No Lager Nowhere" at Warham Squatted Centre.
Tuesday 17th 8pm.

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Animal Cruelty at Stevens Creek Honda

16-04-2007 07:35

...the whole ordeal was a huge joke to them

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America 'freedom to fascism”

16-04-2007 07:16

'America freedom to fascism”
Don't Miss it!

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MEP for Notts holds climate sceptic conference and calls for nuclear solutions to climate change

15-04-2007 22:46

Roger Helmer is the Conservative MEP for Nottinghamshire. In 3 days time he will host a 'Counter-Consensual Climate Conference', at the European Parliament, in Brussels. The conference is hosting an array of climate skeptics as well as a screening of the documentary 'the Great Swindle', recently broadcasted by Channel 4 and higly criticised around the scientific world. Helmer is known to challenge the broadly adapted view of man-made climate change. While pointing out some of the positive consequeses of climate change, he also puts forward some ideas of how to deal with it.