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27-09-2001 02:26

What we can do.

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It is Possible to Resist

27-09-2001 01:48

Miguel Urbano Rodrigues, 75 years old, is a Portuguese writer and journalist. He was director of the Lisbon newspaper "O Diario", principal editor of Brazilian "O Estado de Sao Paulo", and council representative for the Communist Party of Portugal in the parliaments of the European Council and the Western European Union. He was also a teacher of Contemporary History at the University of Lisbon, and the author of a dozen books.

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Ant-War Demo In Liverpool

26-09-2001 22:44

Anti war demo - in Liverpool , saturday gather 11am, Myrtle Parade to march through town. Bring whistles, drums, anything.

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War on Terrorism = War on People

26-09-2001 22:08

Welcom to the New World Order

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26-09-2001 22:01

Tony Blair last night sought to play down allegations that he...

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Direct activists and stop the war coalition: report from Sheffield

26-09-2001 21:48

How can direct activists contribute to the movement against the war and a report from an anti war meeting in Sheffield

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Fidel Castro

26-09-2001 16:56

Speech by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz,
President of the Republic of Cuba.
Havana, September 22, 2001

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Join us for an Emergency Broadcast for a Non-Voilent Solution

26-09-2001 14:34

Announcing an Emergency Community Broadcast (ECB) on

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USA and UK are just hypocrites

26-09-2001 13:29

The USA and UK are totally hypocritical when you examine their own records, for example regarding Diego Garcia. CNN and the BBC do not present the full story, so just turn them off.

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check out!

26-09-2001 13:29

Gatecrash Labour's Party website up and running!

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Stormy Start to Stop the War Coalition

26-09-2001 12:15

A report on the September 25th organising meeting to build a Stop the War Coalition.

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Monopolise Resistance? - a pamphlet from SchNEWS

26-09-2001 11:46

Monopolise Resistance? - how Globalise Resistance would hijack revolt
A SchNEWS pamphlet

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Peace Vigil reports from Reading

26-09-2001 10:47

Report from Reading Peace Vigils:

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US propaganda newspaper attempts to mock the Colombian people's movement

26-09-2001 07:10

In a country where Marxist guerillas in a coalition of progressive forces are winning, US propaganda newspaper the "New York Times" resorts to almost comical reporting for knowledgable observers.

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25-09-2001 23:55

Concentration Camps Are Ready for Us

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Culture and Life: Of terrorists and terrorists

25-09-2001 23:19

As I am writing this the TV news has reported that a US task force has headed off to the Middle East to start a war with enemies unspecified. Although events are clearly being hurriedly propelled towards Armageddon, I think it's still worthwhile to consider some aspects of the back ground.

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Conspiracy Theory

25-09-2001 23:12

Chicago Indymedia on BBC Website

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Triumph Over Adversity

25-09-2001 22:44

It is obviously good and proper to respect the U.S. flag, perpetuated with the blood of American heroes. On the other hand, it can be a fatal mistake, a nuking of the Bill of Rights, not to recognize scoundrels who wrap themselves in the same flag to cover up their crimes against the American common people

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London Protests planned for first day of any bombing

25-09-2001 22:32

I've heard of a plan to protest in Trafalgar Square on the first day of any bombing at seven p.m. Anyone else know of this - can we all spread the word and make it happen?

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Growing momentum for peace

25-09-2001 21:14

The evening of Friday 21 September saw over 3000 people attend an anti-war meeting in Friends House. Speakers included journalist George Monbiot, Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn, Liz Davies of the Socialist Alliance, broadcaster and novelist Tariq Ali and John Rees of Globalise Resistance.