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UK anti-protester database

26-10-2009 04:54

British police are building up a database of "domestic extremists" who turn up to protests.

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British secret service chief justifies torture

26-10-2009 00:41

With efforts by the Labour government to suppress evidence of collusion with the United States threatened with collapse, the head of Britain’s secret service, MI5, last week made a public defence of the use of torture to obtain evidence against alleged terrorists.

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Founder of EDL linked to former neo-Nazis and terrorists

25-10-2009 23:14

Paul Ray, originator of the English Defence League, has found a new friend: Nick Greger, the German former neo-Nazi who is now a close associate of the Northern Ireland Loyalist Johnny Adair. On Ray’s blog, he and Greger pose together with a t-shirt glorifying Loyalist terrorist organisations as part of a gallery announcing the launch of “The Ancient Order of Templar Knights”.

Founder of EDL linked to former neo-Nazis and terrorists

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Afghan War Lantern Tribute on Parkers Piece, Cambridge (23/20/2009).

25-10-2009 22:56

Setting up...
On Friday 23rd October 2009, a small band of artivists came together on Parkers Piece, Cambridge at 6:00pm to do something in rememberance of all those who have perished in a war that has lasted longer than World War Two.

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Venezuela: Beware, Big Business enters the Orinoco and with it a coming Big War!

25-10-2009 21:20

We are being besieged and how many millions are protesting? Internally, the reactionary forces, paramilitary troops and 'guarimbas' continue. ...

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Workers' Fightback: Posties Vs Govt, No To Rubbish Deals, Greece Burns Again

25-10-2009 19:31

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Requião and John "Maddog" Hall open Latinoware 2009 and advocate the end of the

25-10-2009 18:59

Requião and John Maddog Hall
"I watched an interview with this brilliant man, whose name means mad dog, and today met him in this event. Let them call us, too, mad dogs, because here we are transforming ideas into action. Let each of you to be a mad dog: libertarian and intelligent, "said Requião.

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Free Gaza Movement promo video - eyewitness accounts from Gaza

25-10-2009 18:49

Brilliantly edited by Paola Mandato, featuring footage from Ramattan News Agency Gaza, Al Jazeera, International Solidarity Movement activists and Spanish film maker Alberto Arce.

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Lockerbie police to reinvestigate

25-10-2009 16:18

The main BBC newstory today, along with various other mainstream media, is that there will be a new investigation by four Dumfires and Galloway coppers seeking the people who aided Al Megrahi. Since they know this man to be innocent, this can only be one more politically motivated charade.

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24.10.09 - Troops Out Of Afghanistan National Demonstration

25-10-2009 14:08

National gathering to demand troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan. Co-ordinated by Stop The War Coalition

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HBoS: Paying for the bankers greed

25-10-2009 14:04

Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBoS) have just changed their current account charges. I realise that sounds a topic more suited to Radio 4's 'Money Box' but in many cases it will drive poor people from manageable poverty into crime.

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Troops Out of Afghanistan March, London - pictures.

25-10-2009 12:28

Lance Corporal Joe Glenton.
As the British and US Governments military campaign in Afghanistan falls into debacle with the failure of the so-called democratic Government of Hamid Karzai, and against a backdrop of increasing British military casualties from sporadic engagements with Afghani regional partisans...

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!!URGENT REQUEST FOR HELP: Youth Organiser in Colombia receives Death Threat!!

25-10-2009 11:45

The International School for Bottom-Up Organizing (ISBO) received news this week that one of our comrades and youth Organisers in Colombia was sent an email death threat by an alleged paramilitary group for organinising in his local community, & involvement with our International School. We have been mobilising & sending out word far and wide this week believing that the best protection for our comrade is raising as much hell as possible!!

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Halloween demo at Sequani this sat!

25-10-2009 11:16

Just a reminder of the demo opposite Sequani Labs, Bromyard Road, Ledbury, Herfordshire, this Sat 31st Oct, 3pm till late, please feel free to dress up in Halloween costume...

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24-10-2009 21:47

edl demonstration (NOT) 24th October Newport

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Troops Out of Afghanistan: Anti-war march in London - Photos!

24-10-2009 19:20

Tens of thousands marched in London today to protest against Brown and Obama's plans to send more troops into Afghanistan. Photos of the demo.

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Massive BNP losses in Nottingham

24-10-2009 18:02

The annual BNP membership leak gives an opportunity to take a look at the state of the party's growth in the local area. Since the 2007 list was published they have lost a massive 70 out of the 165 members they had in Nottingham (42%). Even when new members are taken into account, they now only have 77% of the numbers they had in 2007. Far from growing, the BNP is shrinking into the extreme political margins in this city.

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First Anniversary of Unjust House of Lords' Chagos decision

24-10-2009 17:41

A demonstration took place on October 22nd to draw public attention to the House of Lords revocation of the rights of the Chagos people to return home to their land from which they were unceremoniously kicked to make way for the US base of Diego Garcia.

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350 and 10:10 action in Sheffield

24-10-2009 16:42

Activists from the Sheffield Campaign against Climate Change, created the numbers 350, and 10:10, with their bodies on a damp Saturday afternoon in Sheffield on 24th October 2009 - International Day of Climate Action.

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Engage and Change

24-10-2009 13:53

In support of the International day of Climate Action, a variety of events are happening around the city of Leeds today.

Below is a link to some pictures taken from the IMC Northern England "Be the Media" centre on Briggate.