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last dance of OCSET (phase 1)

06-05-2004 00:47

Quick last-minute callout for people to help defend OCSET tomorrow morning.

Come at 10am, 220 Cowley Road :)

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Michael Moore's new film blocked by Disney

05-05-2004 22:35

Yesterday I was told that Disney, the studio that owns Miramax, has officially decided to prohibit our producer, Miramax, from distributing my new film, "Fahrenheit 9/11."

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Glasgow Autonomous Project: Interview about new Printworks Social Centre

05-05-2004 21:53

On first of May, the "Printworks Social Centre" opened its doors to the Glasgow social movements and groups. Run by the Glasgow Autonomous Project, the group has now secured the lease for a month and then has to face further negotiations with the landlord.

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Health and Healing at the Printworks Social Centre, Glasgow.

05-05-2004 21:44

This Saturday, 8th, from 10am onwards there will be a series of health and healing workshops and massage at our beautiful, sadly temporary, social centre at 58 Albion St, Glasgow.

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no oxford animal lab

05-05-2004 18:49

Anti vivisection / anti vivisection lab demonstration outside the proposed site in South Parks Road next to the notorious Dept of Experimental Psychology.
TOMORROW 3pm Thursday 6 May. There will be leaflets to give out. Bring banners etc if possible. Please be there if you possibly can.
These expiments do not save human lives. Experimenting on animals is killing people, and animals!

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The Wall Must Fall rally

05-05-2004 18:13

The Wall Must Fall demo

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Dublin Mayday Feedback - Thurs. May 6th

05-05-2004 18:02

An evening for people to come down and discuss what happened in Dublin over the Mayday weekend.

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The American Way of War by Walden Bello

05-05-2004 16:56

"By Washington's logic, firecrackers should now be going off everywhere as the counter-terror crusaders zero in on Osama bin Laden's hideout in Tora Bora. However, Europe is cool, there is apprehension throughout the South and outright despondency blankets much of the Arab and Muslim world." This article also discusses air power as the solution to the Vietnam syndrome, deus ex machina and the change from Locke to Hobbes.

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The Real Butchers of Baghdad: G. W. Bush and His Army of Mercenaries

05-05-2004 16:29

The Bush administration is feigning shock and disgust over the revelations of systematic torture of Iraqi prisoners. But there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the White House was fully aware that such crimes were being committed and by whom. Not only that, they continually took steps to cover their own butts should the matter ever come up - like refusing to sign onto the International Court and declaring an instant end to the war in May 2003 to circumvent the Geneva Convention. Among the mercenaries being trained in the US and deployed to Iraq, some on the Pentagon payroll, are former commandos from the brutal Pinochet regime and "enforcers" from South Africa's former Aparthied regime."

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Des Warren's Funeral Today

05-05-2004 16:23

NUM banner (centre) Billy Kelly NW NUM and Arthur Scargill miners' leader '84/85
Des Warren - Shrewsbury Picket 1972
The key to my cell

A real working class hero and Socialist
10-10-1937 to 24-04-2004

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Insansa! amazing music and dance benefit night

05-05-2004 16:13

Is the grey Sheffield Spring getting you down? Come to a burst of
tropical summer at ‘Insansa’ at the Blind Institute, Mappin Street
(just off West Street) on Friday 7^th of May, 7.30- 11.30. (Tickets £5/ £3.50 con)

Insansa aims to build on international links between Sheffield, and
Zambia and Nicaragua, and is being jointly organised by the Zambia
Education Society ( and the Sheffield Esteli Student Partnership

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International Conference of Political Prisoners

05-05-2004 15:54

As you may know, during the coming 20, 21, 22 and 23 May we shall hold an International Solidarity Conference for Political Prisoners in Miramar Palace, Donostia-San Sebastian.

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Critical Mass 10th Anniv.

05-05-2004 15:47

Wasn't it wonderful all the 1500 people that came on the 10th ann. of CM London????


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The Liverpool Kensington New Deal initiative is being used to expunge poor peopl

05-05-2004 15:04

Gentrification means: Knock down tenant’s houses then build new estates for sale. Each house costing £100,000. Then bring in the upper working classes and the middle classes. What sort of a future lays ahead for us poor working class tenants?

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Le Pen - new eyewitness account

05-05-2004 14:35

A new eyewitness account, filed 5/05/04 to the *Student Direct* paper

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Post-1st May Repression in Berlin

05-05-2004 14:32

The 1st of May in Berlin, as in previous years, saw street parties, festivals, demos and mobilisations against a planned nazi march take place. Many of these events resulted in clashes between police and others.

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Hunger strike refugees evicted in Glasgow

05-05-2004 14:29

Three Iranian Kurdish asylum seekers who recently came close to death in a hunger strike in protest at their treatment and the unjust UK asylum system, have today been evicted from their flat. Although they cannot return to Iran, they now have no entitlement to housing or financial support.

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repost: 12 remanded in custody over May Day protests, Dublin

05-05-2004 14:06

Here is the full report and a video on the  http://www.rte.iw website .
Just got through this news:

12 remanded in custody over May Day protests
- 05 May 2004 14:43

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Media Hacklab open meeting this Sunday

05-05-2004 14:05

An open meeting for the Media Hacklab is taking place this Sunday the 9th of May at Freedom Press Bookshop, Whitechapel. Sunday's meeting will be more about the long term direction of the Hacklab, such as how we prefer to fund it and our attitude towards non-free/proprietory software in the lab. All are welcome to attend.

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Dublin Mayday: Why we pushed through police lines

05-05-2004 13:31

Anarchist Confrontational Bloc!
We are some of the people who participated in the bloc that pushed through the police lines on the demonstration to Farmleigh.