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Bush's lies and cons

08-06-2007 20:50

Evidently Rome is not yet included among the 60 or more dark corners of the world that the United States military must be ready to pre-emptively attack, as Bush proclaimed at West Point on June 1, 2002...

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German high court upholds police ban on G8 summit protest

08-06-2007 20:37

On Wednesday, the federal constitutional court, Germany’s highest court, confirmed the police ban of a demonstration against the G8 summit scheduled to take place June 7. Protesters had planned to carry out a so-called Star March to the Baltic resort of Heiligendamm where leaders of the world’s largest economies are currently meeting.

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British Army chiefs urge pullout from Iraq within 12 months

08-06-2007 19:27

Leading representatives of the British Army have urged an early exit from Iraq, most indicating a preference for a withdrawal of all troops by May 2008.

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G 8: activist lost his eye due to police water cannon

08-06-2007 18:56

On the blockade at the western gate police used nine high-pressure water cannons against protesters. Before they started to attack the protesters, police said to journalists they should leave the place. The brutal attack led to many injured protesters, at least two heavily injured: one lost his eye, another one lost his consciousness. red cross helpers were not allowed to got to the wounded - police declared the wounded should go to the red cross helpers themselves.

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Have a go at Lancaster UAF's BNP quiz

08-06-2007 18:04

Some of the comments are a bit of a laugh. No prizes to be won though...

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Town centre demolition danger

08-06-2007 17:26

Demolition of Farnborough town centre is putting at risk both the on-site workforce and the public.

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Defend Adult Education. Save ESOL. No Redundancies.

08-06-2007 16:30

A demonstration is being called by UCU (University and College Union) in response to government cut backs which are resulting in the loss of over 100 adult education courses at Bradford College as well as a number of redundancies for the teaching staff involved.

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New pre-recorded radio show: Friendship Radio ;

08-06-2007 15:55

A Chem-trail over Brighton in 2003:
To listwn to the recording visit the site where you can download it or use the device on site:

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ElBaradei speaks against more sanctions and pressure on Iran

08-06-2007 15:47

Speaking on the BBC programme, Inside the IAEA: A year with the nuclear detectives broadcast today, Dr. ElBaradei gives a candid assessment of the current standoff between the UN Security Council and Iran. He stresses the fact that "having an enrichment capability and developing a weapon are two different things." He also makes it clear that Iran has a fundamental right to uranium enrichment and acknowledges Iran's belief that "the Security Council is exceeding its authority" in imposing sanctions.

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Hands Off CIPLA - Brazilian occupied factory under attack

08-06-2007 15:39

CIPLA is a factory in Brazil which had been occupied by the workers and running under workers' control for 5 years. On May 31st, 150 armed police invaded and an outside administrator was forced onto the workers. Picket the Brazilian embassy in protest.

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Sheffield Anarchists launch local community news sheet

08-06-2007 15:38

The Fargate Speaker is a community based anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, libertarian publication designed to engage with the real issues that effect local people. We also hope to offer practical solutions on how to tackle these problems and advice on strengthening ones own community.

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G8 night in London tonight

08-06-2007 15:33

Films and feedback from the G8 in Germany, followed by benefit for the Gatwick No Borders Camp (Sept 07), feat. Headjam, Innocent Kidd and DubNeg

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Changing the action against G8

08-06-2007 14:53

Thursday 7th of June saw a series of solidarity protests and actions around the planet to protest the unjust and unsustainable actions of the illigitamite and unwanted body that call themselves the G8. Remember, we are everywhere, thats where our power is. Our world is not for sale, its time to think local, act global while also thinking global while acting local. Time to change the way we play this game.....

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Assembly details for Gordon Brown Hustings Demonstration, June 10th

08-06-2007 13:53

Dear friends,

The assembly details for the demonstration at Gordon Browns Hustings in Oxford this comming Sunday (June 10th) are as follows.

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Norwich petrol station shut down on DoA Against Climate Change and the G8

08-06-2007 13:15

Shut down!
During this morning’s rush hour twelve activists from Norwich Rising Tide braved the East Coast storm warnings and shut down their local Jet petrol station as part of the International Day of Action Against Climate Change and the G8.

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08-06-2007 12:34

KEIN.TV is a virtual, temporary, three day film and video program that will be published during the days of the G-8 meeting in Heiligendamm near Rostock (DE). It consists of breaking news, newly and on-site produced shows, recently recorded footage, a selection of documentaries edited at or brought to our studio as well as movies found in peer-to-peer networks. A snapshot of the current state of programming the schedule is displayed below. Please note that this program is under permanent construction even beyond its scheduled date. Each item is linked to the sources where the video can be downloaded, watched and re-distributed. Every file is encoded with the open source video codec ogg theora.

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Solidarity with the Palestinians, not boycott of Israel

08-06-2007 12:12

Statement in opposition to the calls to boycott Israeli institutions in resolution 54 and resolution 53, submitted to the conference of the public services Unison which starts on 19 June 2007. To support this statement, please email us at, with your name and Unison branch.

All signatories in a personal capacity unless otherwise stated or obvious.

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REMEMBER the STUPIDITY of treacherous scams : G8 : the "straight" news PR spin

08-06-2007 11:35

A meeting of the the worlds "key economies" is taking place, when it is clear to all economists, most people in the "cash industry", - most national leaders too - that the way it is structured at present is - almost for the sake of its loopholes,( to allow actual criminals a cash-laundry taxhaven loot hoarding effect,) for all serious purposes, inadequate - but the media havent raised this key question once.

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Street Rave at East Gate G8 Blockade - thursday night

08-06-2007 11:01

With the east gate blockade having been in position and running for 36hrs straight, a sound system pitched up to entertain the blockaders as they prepared to spend the second night camped out blocking the road and rail link to Heiligedamm.

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G 8 : German police boat hits Greenpeace boats

08-06-2007 10:48

2 boats of Greenpeace were hit by a german police boat trying to stop them reaching the Kempinski-Hotel (where the G 8 takes place) from the seaside. 3 Greenpeace activists were injured.