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Have a go at Lancaster UAF's BNP quiz

Some geezer | 08.06.2007 18:04 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

Some of the comments are a bit of a laugh. No prizes to be won though...

A quick quiz for all you BNP members looking in (we know you're there)

As members of a so-called political party, you are expected to know a bit about the party hierarchy, structure and so on. Surprisingly, the BNP chooses not to tell its members very much about what goes on at any level, which is why someone was forced to ask on Stormfront a couple of days ago if Roy Goodwin had been booted out of his job after reading it here first (he has).

Given that your party squeezes as much cash as possible out of you via the high membership fees, the vast amount of tatty merchandise it tries to offload on you, its rubbishy Voice of Freedom 'newspaper' and the Red, White and Blue booze-fest and jumble sale, you might choose to wonder where all your hard-earned pennies are going. Some of these questions are pretty fundamental (like the first one) while others are just interesting (like the questions about Lee Barnes, the party's 'legal advisor').

Seventeen questions, more or less - and we defy you to answer more than two of them without having to knowingly lie.

Nick Griffin

1. How much is Nick Griffin paid per annum and how much are his expenses/travel?
2. Precisely how much does the party pay his wife, daughter, mother and father - and for what?

The rest

3. How much is the leadership team paid, per person?

Mark Collett

4. What exactly does Mark Collett do?
5. And why does the party employ a known Hitlerite and idiot?

Tony Lecomber

6. Is Tony Lecomber a member of the BNP right now?
7. Has he ever been a member of the BNP?
8. Why wasn't he thrown out after he proposed an assassination attempt?

Lee Barnes

9. Is Lee Barnes a member of the BNP?
10. Has he ever been a member of the BNP?
11. Has he really got a law degree?

Phil Edwardes

12. Has Dr Phil Edwardes actually got a doctorate?
13. If so, what is it in and where is it from?
14. And why has he got two names (Stuart Russell being the other one)?

Robert West

15. Has the insane fake-vicar Robert West resigned from the party?


16. Where are the full accounts for Great White Records, Excalibur Promotions Ltd and the Trafalgar Club?


17. Martin Reynolds is, we're told, paid more than £500 per week, which is a lot of membership fees. How much is paid for the entire security team including their Kray-twin overcoats, Raybans and bullet-proof vests?

There you go. Now let's see how many answers we get...

Lancaster UAF

Some geezer


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