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Liverpool Council Plans Dual Carriageway On Festival Site

26-06-2007 16:33

As you have probably heard by now the council are planning to build a 4-6 lane dual carriageway along Riverside Drive and Jericho Lane, joining to Sefton Street. There were hints about this in the Planning Officer's Report re. the garden festival site, which we picked up on but we didn't realise it would be so soon - they will have barely created the Japanese Garden before they have to tear it down or move it over.

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ICSA - instigating religious hatred behind an "academic facade".

26-06-2007 16:31

ICSA - instigating religious hatred behind an "academic facade".

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Report: gay schoolkids at great risk of attacks

26-06-2007 15:39

Gay lobby group Stonewall today released a 24 page report which clearly shows the extent of homophobic bullying and attacks within UK schools.

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Bristol Indymedia Redesign : Now Accepting Dorset, Devon, Cornwall (Kernow)

26-06-2007 13:25

By late December 2006 the Bristol Indymedia Collective completed the first stage of a discussion to map out the possibilities for both a redesign and extension of the Bristol Indymedia model.

The summarisation of this earlier discussion can be found here:

Bristol Indymedia ‘Future Directions’ Document

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Governor Sacked for Low Turnout to Welcome Ahmadi-Nejad

26-06-2007 13:19

Ultimate proof about stage managing crowds in the Islamic Republic of Iran!

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Manchester Autonomous/Activist Social

26-06-2007 13:09

A chance to rub shoulders with the (not so) rich and famous!

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Lockerbie Appeal

26-06-2007 11:57

It is widely rumoured ColinBoyd will succeed Lord Goldsmith as Attorney General tommorow. The next day the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission will release their verdict on whether the biggest terrorist the UK has ever imprisoned is allowed to appeal against the conviction Boyd secured unjustly, and which he has subsequently covered up at all costs.

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Update on the "War is Stil the Issue" Peace Camp

26-06-2007 11:22

The illegal "War is Still the Issue" Peace Camp in Parliament Square has now been in place since noon on Saturday 23 June.

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Iraq descends into clericalism and barbarism

26-06-2007 10:41

Gay Iraqi human rights activist reveals that for most Iraqis, life is now worse than it was under Saddam.

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U-turn on care threat to failed asylum seekers' children

26-06-2007 10:41

The Home Office has abandoned its threat to take into care the
children of failed asylum seekers who refuse to leave the country.
The climbdown follows a pilot scheme involving 116 families facing
deportation, which showed that the policy of threatening to withdraw
all welfare support had proved a flop.

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GM Victory! Hull down! One more pota't'go! - Sunday July 1st - minibus from Manc

26-06-2007 10:39

Following extensive local and national resistance, BASF (the company trialing the GM potatoes), announced last month that they would not be conducting a GM potato trial in Yorkshire this year!
Just to let you know that on Sunday 1st July subsidised transport will be going to Cambridge from Manchestser for the GM-Free Potato Picnic, a protest against GM potato trials in Girton village. For information on the minibus call 07982 033522.

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US-Vietnam Group Tackles Toxic Agent Orange Legacy

26-06-2007 10:21

Nhu Hong Phong
The Ford Foundation is coordinating the U.S.-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange. The group's aim is to build a bipartisan humanitarian approach to cleaning up "Agent Orange." It says past diplomatic efforts have been difficult.

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G8 Film premiere. This Thursday, south London

26-06-2007 09:31

REEL NEWS presents over 90 minutes of short films from this years G8 protests in Germany.

Entry is free.

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Apparent suicide and destruction of records mark opening of Billy Wright inquiry

26-06-2007 09:24

John Kenneway was found dead in his Northern Ireland prison cell on June 8. Shortly after his death in Maghaberry Prison, the Northern Ireland Prison Service announced its regrets. The Northern Ireland Prison Ombudsman launched an investigation, in line with normal procedures.

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New Labour’s right-wing course to continue under Brown

26-06-2007 09:13

Gordon Brown took over as leader of the Labour Party on Sunday at a special conference in Manchester, England. The chancellor of the exchequer will officially become Tony Blair’s successor as prime minister on Wednesday. The same conference also saw Harriet Harman elected as Labour’s deputy leader.

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26-06-2007 08:35

BBC reports Production soars in Afghanistan!

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Robert Zoellick confirmed as the new president of the World Bank (by Bush)

26-06-2007 04:15

With Wolfowitz gone comes the possibility of real change in the Bank. As Zoellick is picked to lead the World Bank, an analysis of his past achievements can predict his future role in the bank, and the possibility of any significant changes of direction for the Bank

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The True Cost of ID Cards

26-06-2007 00:57

The true cost of ID cards are not just to the taxpayer’s purse but go much deeper and have a truly disturbing impact, threatening our way of life forever. You will not only pay financially but it will also cost you personal privacy and possibility your identity.

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Samir Kuntar, "Israel's" Longest Held Lebanese Prisoner!

26-06-2007 00:52

Samir Kuntar, Israel's longest held Lebanese prisoner who has been incarcerated in Israeli jail for the past 30 years. In fact the Hezbollah operation last year in which 2 Israeli soldiers were kidnapped, which sparked the 34 day long war, was meant to use the 2 soldiers as bargaining chips in order to force Israel to release Samir Kuntar.

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Ramona Africa ON A MOVE tour comes to Brighton

26-06-2007 00:07

Ramona Africa
Ramona Africa will be speaking at 7pm Wednesday 27th @ Cowley Club, Brighton

She is touring the UK speaking about the incredible story of MOVE. MOVE are a largely black eco-revolutionary group based in Philadelphia. They have campaigned on environmental, animal rights and anti-police repression issues for thirty years. They have never backed down in the face of overt racist police repression.