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Liverpool Council Plans Dual Carriageway On Festival Site

Save The Festival Gardens | 26.06.2007 16:33 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Liverpool

As you have probably heard by now the council are planning to build a 4-6 lane dual carriageway along Riverside Drive and Jericho Lane, joining to Sefton Street. There were hints about this in the Planning Officer's Report re. the garden festival site, which we picked up on but we didn't realise it would be so soon - they will have barely created the Japanese Garden before they have to tear it down or move it over.

I hope noone will be trying to do some Zen medititation there at the time. This will obviously cut through part of the grasslands as well, not to mention the pollution and ...words fail ... for now.

The council met Thursday on the garden festival site again. 6 of us were there and we were surprised to see the developers out in force again - atleast 6 of them too! I don't know if they were as surprised to see us but they certainly weren't pleased!

It soon became clear what they were doing there - they were after that strip of land again, alongside the Prom. They tried to tell the council it was only a little bit of land and they hardly wanted their apartments to overhang it atal anyway. Progress was slow as we weren't allowed to speak at first and some of the councillors didn't even realise that that peice of land did not belong to the developers until Cllr. John Coyne eventually pointed this out and started steering the group in amore positive direction, with the help of Cllrs. Brant and Munby. Our group raised many questions and these will now have to be considered further. Meanwhile we have to be vigilant as the developers will obviously try any means they can to get the stretch of land by the Prom. I reminded the committee that 200+ people had objected to this "disposal" and if they changed their minds their previous refusal, a few days before the election, would look like it was just electioneering.

Meanwhile, the developers are still trying to say the flats will provide surveillance and claim their own surveys have shown this is what people want. So far you have done a great job getting letters to the papers and ringing the radio - we need to tackle this one head on - if you feel safe on the Prom and don't want to be surveyed from above then get the word out.

Save The Festival Gardens